It's Over...

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Kathrine is a 15-year-old girl in captivity, escaping her captor for the first time after months of solitary. Will she make it? or will she die?

P.S My first story as well, giving this website a try :3

Submitted: June 30, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



She gazed aimlessly into the window that was covered in nail marks and dried up blood stains, the bedroom was small, old, messy and empty with the exception of a bed and closet. Her name was Kathrine, she had bright white thin hair, dark hazel eyes and red dried lips. Kathrine got up from the cold wooden floor and walked across the room to the door, she slowly walked. Her eyes tearing up, shivering in the cold air that surrounded her, her hands slowly lift up and grab the rusty doorknob. She nervously fidgets with her hair as she turned the knob. Suddenly a loud door slam came from downstairs, Kathrine shrieks in fear and lets' go of the knob, running into the closet and closing the door behind her. The footsteps grew louder and louder as it came towards the door. Kathrine held her breath hoping that it would leave her alone. Pain, torture, hate and sorrow describes the horrors that Kathrine endured over these past few months of captivity. The pain she’ll never forget…

The door opened slowly as the footsteps did too. She watched in fear as it came closer and closer to the closet, snickering was heard while it came closer “I know you’re in there, come out Kathrine you’re not fooling me” He said. Kathrine started to cry, opening the door slowly. He then smiled and said, “You made the mistake of hiding from me Kathrine, you know the consequences.” Kathrine then pleaded for forgiveness “PLEASE, IM SORRY I WON'T DO IT AGAIN!” she cried out, falling to her knees, begging. He then proceeded to pull out his belt “Not today.” Kathrine then sprung up and ran into the man, shoving him onto the wooden ground “heh, you’re going to regret that” he snickered. She then ran through the door, into the hallway.

The hallway was old, messy and had the stench of a dead corpse that was rotting for years. Kathrine then ran down the hallway and opened the first door she saw. The door swung open as Kathrine ran through the door, she slammed the door behind her, only to freeze in place in terror. Lying on the cold floor is a young boy, dead on the ground. She fell on her knees and started to cry, trembling in fear that one day she would end up like him too if she does something. Footsteps come closer to the room, heavy footsteps. Kathrine crawled under the bed and stood quietly. The man opened the door slowly and walked in, snickering her name. He walked in closer to the bed and started to bend down. She started to tear up and panic in fear, knowing that she would end up like the boy if he found her. She then proceeded to grab the legs and pulled them, causing him to fall and hit his head on the frame of the bed “AGH! YOU STUPID GIRL! YOU’RE DEAD!” He yelled at the top of his lungs.

Kathrine crawled out of the bed and ran through the door and into the hallway, still shocked at what she has done. While she ran through the hallway she found some stairs that lead to the first floor, she ran down to find the front door. The man runs after her downstairs while she yelled in pain after the fall. Kathrine cry’s and fell down the stairs. She hears metal scraping on the ground, getting closer and closer. Eye’s barely open, arms tied up and legs weak, she is vulnerable. The man laughs and says “Don’t worry Kathrine, Hun. I’ll end it quick and painless.” Kathrine opens her eyes and looking up to what he was carrying. She then screamed in horror looking at the chainsaw in the man’s hand. She tried to get up but the man kicked her in the stomach and laughed like he never laughed before “HAHAHAHAHA YOU SILLY WELTCH, I HOPE YOU SUFFER!” With all her might, Kathrine got up and ran to the front door. She swung open the door as the man chased after her with the chainsaw.

Kathrine tripped over a branch, breaking her arm in the process. She got up, yelling in pain “God please me…I beg of you” she pleaded. The man was closer to her and was almost at the range to slice her up into pieces until suddenly, a car was passing by “PLEASE HELP ME, PLEASE HELP ME!” she yelled out with all her might and energy she has in her left. The car stopped and opened the door for her “Get in” the woman said. Kathrine jumped in the car and drove off “YOU! I’LL FIND YOU, IT’S NOT OVER!” he yelled out to her. Kathrine was out of breath and for the first time in her life she felt something, it was happiness. Fifteen years later, Kathrine had a family, two sons, a daughter, and a loving husband. She felt in peace, calm, happy that nothing can ever hurt her and her family again.


The End.


I got up and closed the notebook I found in the closet in the old room, teared up for the reality that would never happen. I then gazed aimlessly into the window that was covered in nail marks and dried up blood stains “It’s over...” I said.


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