The reality of life

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This is an article from d heart, not imagined but all about how I feel lately with the passing of a loved one.

Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: June 30, 2016



Sadness after joy and vice versa. The time to be born and the time to die. Leaving high school was a time of great joy and little sadness for my friends and I. The gems left with the feeling of freedom and happiness but also with little sadness because we missed each other already. It was a time to move on and become that which we wanted to be. It was a reality we all had to face. Almost a year after our graduation happiness and I wonder how we would all look especially the slim ones and those who said they wouldnt wear make up;including myself. Then a news hit me; one of us was gone.How?? When?? Why?? Where?? These questions flooded my mind as tears ran down ma cheeks. I really cannot live with this reality and I am sure this is a dream that needs just a pinch to wake up from. Days pass by and I am not waking up from this bad dream. Then a thought flashes my mind "You would die also someday since you are a passerby". Ohhhh!!! So l should just face it and stop trying to run away.. Tears roll down for few days and finally its time to pray for a miracle at least since it has been confirmed it isn't a dream. The remaining gems have to be strong to face one reality of life.

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