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The Final Chapter

Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 01, 2016




Part 1:


Every living being is a trinity:

There is the outer shell we call ‘The Body’.

And there is the soul that accompanies the body

In its present incarnation.

And then there is the god-self,

Also known as the ‘Oversoul’.


The body, being physical by nature,

Is subject to decay.

The soul that is resident therein

Then reunites with the god-self.

There it waits until the time comes

For it to enter another earthly shell.


The god-self remains throughout

The process that is reincarnation.

It precedes physical birth,

And prevails after the mortal has been shed.

Thus the secret of Authentic Living

Is to focus on that which will endure.


How then does one connect

With that which is by nature immortal?

Accept that every circumstance is passing.

Even death is a transition.

Therefore neither Birth nor Death,

Nor anything in between, can define you.


Each of us has a specific path

Upon which the individual alone can walk.

It is narrow indeed,

For only one can travel thereupon.

And it leads directly to the Far Green Country,

Without detour or deviation.

We have all been given

Guiding Angels to help us along our path.

One is named ‘Conscience’,

And her purpose is to keep us from distraction.

Another is ‘Intuition’.

This is the Guide that keeps us moving forward.


Part 2:


By reconnecting to the Inner Guides

Of Conscience and Intuition,

We can progress along our designated paths.

This ability is latent within all living beings.

Early in their evolution,

Humanity too depended thereon to survive.

But as he advanced,

Mankind neglected these Gifts.


The first to suffer was the Intuitive Self,

Having been replaced with Reason, Logic,

And careful planning,

The power of Awareness was locked away.

Little wonder then that Conscience

Rapidly became supplanted by Expedience.

Instead of doing that which was ‘Right’,

Man chose that which was easy.


But hope yet remains:

All is not lost!

These abilities may well be dormant,

But both still exist.

The secret to Authentic Living

Lies in allowing our Conscience alone

To keep us on the Path,

And allowing Intuition to guide us onward.


The road ahead may lead us

Through unfamiliar territory.

The secret is to trust in these Twin Guides

That have been with us from the beginning.

Our god-self and our Source alone

Know in full our journey’s end,

But if we trust in this Inner Knowing,

It will guide us to the destination.










Greetings –

This message is for all

Who have expressed concern

Regarding the future of Humanity …


Whether you are from amongst the race of men,

Or reside in another dimension,

This message is for you:


Many of you have become discouraged

By Humanity’s apparent lack of progress

On the path toward Ascension.


Your concerns are somewhat valid.

But not entirely accurate

As they are based on your observations of a minority -

Those who are in positions of influence,

Of authority, and of power.


I would ask that you broaden your gaze.

For then you may see a very different picture,

One that – instead of inspiring despair and discouragement –

Might renew your faith in this multifaceted world:



For, among those humans

That do not necessarily hold any lofty position

There is a growing number who would welcome change.

Indeed there are many who are active in assuring

That it become reality.


And besides humanity,

Those who – for too long –

Have been considered ‘Lesser Beings’.

The creatures of Earth, Water and Skies,

Await with eagerness the transformation that is to come.

Thus, look not to our leaders,

For too many are still part of a failing order.

Rather consider the meek and the ordinary –

For it has been said that these will inherit the New Earth.


Until we meet again – Namaste.

© Copyright 2018 Tristan Biggs. All rights reserved.

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