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Last year, I lost my best friend and once the love of my life to a heroin Overdoes. This is a free-style poem I wrote on it not long ago.
I know that it doesn't flow and it kinda of jumps- - However, It was hard for me to write with the memory, If we could please not leave Negative comments- that would be great

Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 01, 2016



She is surrounded by black roses

An empty bottle and a million memories

Her heart is black and hallow

She is filled with misery

Despite the pain she feels inside she breathes deep another day

Hoping, praying, waiting for just a single peaceful day


He rocks on the edge of his bed with a loaded needle in his hand

He thinks this is salvation

She knows it means the end

He knows she loves him but he can’t find the strength to carry on

She wants him to be strong.


He can’t find the courage to run from this demon another day

She can’t find the words to make him understand all the reasons he should stay.

She would give anything to save him

He’d give anything to numb the pain

She begged him to be stronger

He chose his favorite vein

He slipped into a silence and then the darkness came



She still feels him everywhere

Yet he is nowhere to be seen


He visits her, she knows he’s there

but pretends it all a dream

She feels him by her bed at night

He wonders if she’s alright and tries to brush the tears from her eyes

She cries alone her pain unknown

 she misses him but she lies

trying to make the memories die


His spirit haunts her day and night… He wishes he could tell her he’s alright

He wishes now He’d said “I love you” one more time

She’ll never know what he took to his grave

He’ll never know what words she left unspoken.

She found chaos when he left her

to face this world all alone

She fell in love with the devil

He’s the greatest love she ever known


But she’s haunted by his memory

Wishing he could breathe again

© Copyright 2018 Bunny Chaotic. All rights reserved.

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