From The Sky

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Submitted: July 01, 2016

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Submitted: July 01, 2016



It's in the evening when I wake up. I'm wrapped in a warm blanket and laying in a field.

"Where did she come from?" A girls voice asks.

"She, um, fell from the, uh, sky." A boy says.

"What? You're a lunatic. There's no way she could have-"

"Where am I?" I ask. I sit up and look at them. They are both tall with black hair and brown eyes. They turn and look at me. The boy gasps and the girl looks stunned.

"We have to get her to Dad. No questions asked." The girl said.

"Where am I?" I repeat, "Who are you?" 

"I'm Katie," the girl says, "This is my twin brother, Nolan." 

"Where am I?" 

"You're safe. You'll be ok." Nolan says. I try to get myself out of the tightly wrapped blanket. My arms are sore and they sting.

"You might not want to do that." Katie says.

"Why?" I ask.

"You were bleeding pretty bad, we didn't have any bandages so we wrapped you in a blanket." Nolan says, "We need to get you to our house."

"Why?" I ask.

"Our dad is a doctor." He says. He picks me up. Nolan carries me through the field and to a two story farm house. Katie opens the door and we walk through. 

"Dad!" She yells.

"Your father is in his office sweetie." A kind looking woman says. Then she notices me, "Who is this?"

"We found her near the pond." Katie says.

"She fell from the sky." Nolan added. He glanced at Katie, "I saw it happen."

"Well take her back to your father. He'll want to see her." She said. We go to a back room. It has a bed, a desk, and a bookcase in it. Nolan puts me down on the bed. An man with graying hair walks in.

"Hello, kids. Who is this?" 

"She fell from the sky" Nolan blurts.

"He's insane. No one can fall from the sky. Right Dad?" Katie says.

"Well let me examine her. Some aliens can fly or levitate. What's your name?" He says. I try to think of my name. I have a name, I know that. What's my name?

"I don't know, I have a name. What's my name? I know I have a name. What is it?" I feel panic bubble inside me.

"It's ok we'll give you a name, how about Cora?" The doctor says

"Ok." I say, "What's your name?"

"Most just call me Doctor, but my real name is Jayden. Open your eyes all the way." I open them. He smiles, " I haven't seen one of your kind in 20 years. After the war, I thought they had all just about died out."

"What is she, Dad?" Nolan asks.

"She's a Scovian. You can tell by the eyes." He says. Katie goes to ask a question, but Dr. Jayden cuts her off, "Yes, Scovians can fly."

"What's wrong with my eyes?" I ask.

"Nothing, your eyes are normal for Scovians." He hands me a mirror. I look at my eyes. They are almost completely black, with gold specks in them.

"Where am I? You said there was a war. When?" I ask.

"You're in Blackwood. It's where the poor and the outcasts go. A century ago aliens, like you, came to live among humans. Most were peaceful, some weren't. The humans cast out the aliens and the undisirables of there own race to Blackwood. Some aliens fought back, they were crushed. Many were Scovians." He says. Dr. Jayden takes the blanket off me. I'm covered in bruises and cuts. He cleans the cuts. "Nolan, she needs to rest. She doesn't seem to remember much before her accident. I think it's Retrograde Amnesia. Take her to spare room. Katie, go explain whats going on to your mother."

"Yes sir." They say in unison. I stand up. My legs are stiff and sore. I grab the blanket. I follow Nolan upstairs to the guest room. 

"Here." He says.

"Thanks." I say. He leaves and I close the door. The room has a bed, a dresser, and a chair. I climb onto the bed and curl up under the blanket I brought from downstairs. I fall asleep quickly.

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