organs on survival mode

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Contributions of some body organs on a shitty day

Submitted: July 02, 2016

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Submitted: July 02, 2016



Yeah writing helps but sometimes those rare times, the pain the annoyance better say tiredness that squeezes the eyes shut to keep out all and every scene of the drama of life,switches off the brain to block all thoughts from rushing over and stomping on the cropfield of serenity, which were the past production of those tiny moments when one was free, hmm could say agitation free or less painful bodice .

But the heart doesn't stop, it keeps its rhythm, sometimes faster few times slower but the but follows again, it hasnot stopped yet, during all these times.i doubt whether is it loyal to its landlord or treacherous ; poor baby continues to pump blood like the good neighbour it is, to other organs;how hard the landlord tries to protect from its mercy, from the heart's kindness or betrayal,.

Days like these, the present wounds on body and mind bitter the sweet past good memories, rather the wounds from the past on healing process get digged and scratched by the wild animal of present insecurity and shittiness and HATE nourished by the very now fresh doze of fight with the world.

Love, the soul, hate body,.....the materialistic possession that has all vices ingrained.

happy *shitty* day to me!

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