Above the world

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I was bored and felt inspired so i decided wrote this. It's not finished and has a lot of errors. I also think I need to expand my descriptive writing a bit because it feels not very descriptive. Would love any comments on what you think. I also realised there might be a lot of spelling mistakes so please excuse that and ill try and fix them when i can. Thanks :)

Submitted: July 02, 2016

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Submitted: July 02, 2016



The view was great from up here. Well, when I say up here I mean a 50 storey construction site in Perth. Minus the height and the cold wind it was a great view. The cold air basked at my back, freezing me to the core. It was very cloudy with a bit of dark clouds here and there. Straight ahead of me was the swan river which seemed to keep going into the horizon. Small groups of houses were spread here and there, like groups of people rising up against there ruler, the 50 storey building of doom. To my left and right were similar tall buildings and structures but not as high as this one. Oh no, the one I climbed was wayyyy bigger. The mother of all skyscrapers, well in Perth but details. I breathe in a cold breath of the chilling winter wind and stand up. I think it’s time to leave, there’s things to do, people to see. I don’t know how to get down though. Should I carefully step by step climb down the 50 storey building which could take up to 4 hours or more to get down? Or I could jump off? With a parachute of course. I got it off my friend down at the airport after I handled a few things for him. It’s a good one too, reusable type with streak of red on the cloth part. Before I had time to ponder my choices, a loud crackling boom sounded above me. Seemed like a storm is coming, and storms are the best places to freefall in.

I grab my parachute bag, carefully packed away in my bag. Tiny splats of water started falling from the dark sky and another loud thunder boom sounded just behind me. I quickly unpack the parachute bag and secure it on my back. I clip my original bag onto my waist belt and secure it. Don’t want all my stuff littered over the streets of Perth. Might startle a taxi driver if a large canteen slams into their windshield screen. Rain starts to pour heavily all around me, I see a streak of lighting flash across the sky. “It’s time” I mutter to myself. I pull my hoodie over my head, my signature move as I like to call it. I run with all my speed in my every being and jump. The wind rushes in my ears, and the rain rushes past me, racing me to the earth.  Adrenalin and blood is pumping all over me. I turn into the dive position with my head straight down and my legs tucked behind me with my arms by my side. I feel alive, like I should be. Just as the 4th lighting strike sounded I was gliding through the air, not a care in the world. I opened my eyes and suddenly the ground looked very much closer than before.

I franticly fight against the wind and grasp for the release switch. My hands grabs some kind of cord, I yank it with all my strength and I hear a swoosh of air right behind me. I’m pulled back violently against my will. I feel dizzy and nauseous but I know that I need to control my fall. Despite my body trying to stop me, I grab the two cords to my right and left and try to control my flight. Avoiding the other tall buildings and the occasional bird, I glide down to a flat space of land. I crash to the ground with a thud and do barrel roll into the folds of the parachute. I lie in the warm comforting fabric of the parachute for a while, resting after that fall. I stand up and look at how far I travelled from the tall giant building I jumped off of. I let out a loud guttural shout from deep in me, adrenalin still pumping through my body. This is what it feels like to be alive.

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