48 DEATHS: Chapter 1

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The cities get stunned by armed snipers who shot dead many people. Read it to find out more!

Submitted: July 02, 2016

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Submitted: July 02, 2016



48 DEATHS: CHAPTER 1 48 deaths. 48 murderers. 48 locations. 4 cities. (Tune up for thr coming chapters) ************ “3..2..1.. Shoot!” Sharp noises were heard , of snipers. Across the city. Across the state. Across the country. There was a hush and then the dead silence. Nothing prevailed then. It was 11:56 pm. The police reached the crime scenes, unknown that they were being watched. Police sirens echoed. The red lights were seen, moving quickly down the road. There was panic all-around. The deaths had made the night colder than ever. It was November,2015.


“Any mistakes?” “No sir”, in unison. “The police must have reached,of course. Don’t leave your places until i command.” The lines disconnected. ************** LUCKNOW

“Mr. Kamte, 12 deaths, here, in Lucknow. Different locations. The same number in Hyderabad, Indore and Bangalore. 48 deaths in total.” “Time of deaths?” “The same. 11:55-11:56 pm. All shot dead.” “An interesting case.” Gets up off the chair. “Get me the details of these 48 men. Any linkage. Everything. Check if they have any criminal records.” Mr. Kamte was a tall,dark man with beard, always excited and ready to perform his duties but often finds himself lacking the wisdom needed. It was in 2009 when he caught a murderer, the last. Nothing since. He goes on to increase the belly and is a perfect picture of an Indian policeman. ” Ramu! Get me a cup of tea! It is so cold nowadays.” and a regular chatting begins with the samosa and chai, forgetting the world and its pains,the actual work of them. ************** HYDERABAD

“No. I don’t see any linkage among them, neither any criminal records. Here are the documents of the 12, sir.” “Yeah. Keep it there .” Mr. Sharma pointed towards the table. ” This is an interesting case. Let us see which city Siddarth chooses. I am sure, he will be involved.” ************ INDORE

“A murderer. Yes. Got out of jail in 2005. Nothing since. His name is Rishabh. No linkage though among the 12.”

Mr. Rathore walks out,smoking a cigar.

” Siddarth Kashyap. When will you involve?” *************** BANGALORE

” … in 2009, sir. Nothing since.” Mr. Kumar stood up. ” Keep the documents on the table.” Then, talked to himself, ” I am waiting for you Siddarth. We all must be, in fact, out of doubt.” *************** Siddarth flips the newspaper,taking a sip of the coffee. “48 deaths. 48 seconds. Interesting.” He writes down the cities, the time. “Sniper-shots. Awesome.” He walks to the balcony hearing the honks of the cars, the traffic. A cold breeze makes him shiver. The sun was nowhere to be seen. “I should move to Lucknow. A better place to examine the case. Delhi is full of political shit after all.” ****************

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