The Other Guy.

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A short story that describes a love experience for lonely girls and lost guys.

Submitted: July 02, 2016

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Submitted: July 02, 2016



The Other Guy.


There comes days in everybody’s life when they feel completely worthless, to anyone, to anything.


I thought I saw the milky way in his eyes, star dust in his hair, the shining sun in his eyes taking me far away like a black hole sucking up my soul.

Every single thought about him was dark. Dark as the black sky before it starts to rain, dark as the flowers growing in my head. Everything that represented my soul, I saw it in him.

I told myself every time he hurt me that this is the last time, it’s going to be over soon, maybe he’ll love me better someday.

But nothing… I waited for nothing and he was gone, I felt anger, hate raging inside me, I was tired, tired of caring, of waiting, of thinking. I wanted to take a break but I never could, I told myself life goes on but it felt like I was lost in the jungle that’s inside my head going round and round in circles with nothing to find.

He left me on the floor picking up my own pieces by myself, and there was him: “The Other Guy.”

The Other Guy showed me everything beautiful, everything real. Or what I thought was real.

He had his flaws that I could never see because he was too perfect for me. As life goes and the seasons change, we grew apart. Each one in his own different life path.

We left a dark, long, empty hole behind us in both of our pasts. When I  knew what fate held for us, fear crept into my mind. Slow cold fear like the nights of December.

I knew what it was. It was the hollow sound of the beginning of our end.

The Other Guy seemed to leave, I thought he liked it, because I was taught that people have no feeling, that they fear commitment, dark mysterious things and romantic feelings...


And that’s how life works. The things that you want the most in life, destroy you, making you weak, vulnerable. You just feel like your world is crashing  and your life is over, while in real life, it’s nowhere near ending. It’s all in your head, feeling like death is near and you wanting it be near to save you from the harsh cold life.

But someday, just someday , you’ll realize that you’ve been giving effort to the wrong people, you wake up one day and say : NO MORE. No more wasting time, no more building fake high hopes on someone who treats me like shit.


Someday you’ll find someone who is as crazy/weird/strange/unique, as you are. Maybe life is just acting crazy with you. Or maybe it’s just getting you ready to find yourself… before The Other Guy does.

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The Other Guy.

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