48 deaths: chapter 2

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Submitted: July 02, 2016

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Submitted: July 02, 2016




“Sir,out of the 48, 2 have been reported as thieves and muderers but there is no linkage among any of them. They had been in prison for 7 and 11 years. Out in 2005 and 2009. Nothing since. They are from Bangalore and Indore.” “He has to be a serial-killer. But why would he take so much of risk? Anyways, reports? Have you been able to locate the shooter?” ” Sir,according to the reports of Musharaf, the shot was fired atleast 7 metres above the ground,likely to be a 4th or 5th floor. There are two suspected hotels.” “What about the other 11 reports?” “Their location cannot be traced,sir. The shots must have been fired from the 1st or 2nd floor. So there is no particular suspected building.” “All right. We will start with Musharaf. Tell your team to stop the research of these men’s past life.” **************** HYDERABAD “In Gopal’s case, the shot was fired from the road itself,sir. Infact the shooter laid flat on the road,probably,beneath a car.” “Bu then how can none see him?” “All were scared. They ran into their houses. Some said they heard screams and footsteps of people as they hurled down the road. The shooter might be one of them.” ************** INDORE “No prime suspects or buildings, sir.” “Aah… Free from this case. It looked one complicated case. Let the others solve this case.” Everyone laughed. ************* BANGALORE “15th floor sir. The terrace. There is just one hotel on taking distance in consideration. Hotel Toresso, sir.” ” What is its position?” “8 rooms on each floor. 104 rooms in total. 2 new kitchen staffs. They had hired them in November. 87 rooms are booked. 30 couples, 18 families, 39 singles. Most of them are looking for the job.” “Mr. Athar dies. Shot from the 15th floor of a hotel. We would inspect but there should be no leakage. None should know about our arrival before we inspect. It could be of some harm to us.” *************

“Idiot! Why did you take the 5th floor? I told you to take 1st or 2nd. Is there any building around of that height?” ” There was no clear view,sir. There is another hotel across the road,sir.” “Okay. Varun,listen. Police will come to you. You need to be extremely calm. Keep your curtains off the window.” “Okay,sir.” The lines disconnected. “Hello, Mushtaq. Keep an eye on Varun. You know what you have to do.”

It was 6:45 pm. Varun was worried. Then, someone knocked at the door. He opened. “We are here for the room check,from the Lucknow Crime Branch.” They put him aside. “What is in this bag?” He got nervous. He was sweating. “Sir, a sniper!” Everyone took off their guns aiming Varun. A tear dropped down from his eye. A sniper shot and Varun dies. He fell there,all pale and cold. Blood oozed out of his forehead. The police stepped back with a jerk. “Sir, a sniper is dead.” “The media doesn’t need to know about this.” ***********

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