Of Raven And Crow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A poem of gothic horror.

Submitted: July 02, 2016

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Submitted: July 02, 2016



Of Raven And Crow.


All is quiet and all is still

But look up there above the hill

A cloud is coming, black and wide

Gathering together as with the tide.


But this is a cloud not formed in air

It defies all logic that it's there

The noise it brings can far be heard

For this is a heaving mass of bird.


They are flying so close you see no sky

Don't stop to even wonder why

Get in your house, behind your door

For something is happening, that's for sure.


This cloud it draws to a dead stop

And one by one the birds do drop

Swooping and diving, touching the ground

And all through this don't make a sound.


Raven and crow have joined together

A spiralling mass as they dance, and never

Has been such an eerie strange sight

As they plunge back and forth in pure delight.


Then breaking the silence there comes a caw

Mighty and loud, it is almost a roar

And there in the distance a bird that is giant

Approaches with wings so slow and defiant.


The birds change position making a path

The noise they are making sounds much like a laugh

This massive black bird lands with a twirl,

The wings crow and raven, the body a girl.


As her feet touch the ground you feel a small quake

The earth has gone dry and started to break

The noise of the birds increases your dread

As she throws back her hair and raises her head.


Never before have you gazed on such beauty

You drop to the floor in a feeling of duty

But your eyes have been dazzled, your reasoning poor

She is but the key to open the door.


She spreads her wings wide, lifts in the air

Revealing a big hole that she has left there

Then up from the pit there is pouring a mist

Right from the spot that her feet have just kissed.


It is an army come straight out of hell

And you can be certain this doesn't bode well

All ugly, all vicious, all armed to the teeth

Let your mind go and suspend disbelief.


You still stare in wonder, your world does not matter

You watch as in armies they form and then scatter

Her work is now done, this creature will go

She'll tear out your heart, you do love her so.


She looks at you and beckons a wing

You find yourself running, your heart starts to sing

The hole she created is still open wide

You did not notice and tumble inside.


As you find yourself dropping, taking the fall

You hear laughter so cruel as she gives out a call

They are now leaving; girl, raven and crow

But your life they have taken you won't see them go.




© Copyright 2020 hullabaloo22. All rights reserved.

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