Contaminated: Volume One

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Life can change in an instant. When the world goes to hell, what will you do to survive? Who will you become?

Set in the same universe as hit AMC TV show "The Walking Dead", we follow Phil, who is on a mission to get to Kalamazoo to find his father.

This is a story that spans multiple volumes, and is constantly reinventing itself. Anything can happen, anyone can die. This is a story about humanity, family, trust, and, of course, zombies.

Table of Contents

2 Hours In

Submitted: July 02, 2016

“Wake up. Wake up!” Shouted my father from the downstairs. “Time for School!” As I tiredly walked down the steps, I realized that... Read Chapter

Long Road Ahead

Submitted: July 02, 2016

“Nice to meet you, Jack. My name is Phil. I am a senior at Middleville High School and I need to get home. It's just down the road. M... Read Chapter

Wake Up

Submitted: July 03, 2016

As we got closer to the town, we saw that the street lights were on. There were a group of houses on the right, and on the left there... Read Chapter

Around Every Corner

Submitted: July 03, 2016

It felt like we were screwed. The walkers were coming from both sides, and we were in a truck with three strangers. “Hey, bud... Read Chapter

The Zone A Safe Haven

Submitted: October 08, 2016

Jack and Kyle were lagging behind to look for supplies, so I took this opportunity to ask around.   “Hey, Jason. Can I a... Read Chapter

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