The Path

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Submitted: July 02, 2016

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Submitted: July 02, 2016



I was walking home from school and decide to take a short cut. The short cut was a small path, the path was not good at all, rocks are every where and if your lucky enough to wear shoes you won't hurt your feet. Well I wasn't lucky to wear one of them, am just a poor girl living alone with my mother. My father died a long time ago leaving us with nothing, yes as in nothing except for the house were living now. 

The path I took was in the middle of the forest. The forest was never been a home for everyone even animals. They said that the forest is hunted, a lot of people who dared to take the path never  came back to their family nor find their way out their. But if your lucky to find your exit, well your not lucky enough to say so. Some who have found their way out loss their mind, they utter a lot of disturbing words then after a few days they kill their selves. 

I heard a lot of stories but I don't have time to believe one of them, so here I am now. Walking in the hunted path of the forest. The trees here are very thick no rays of sun can even peek inside so it means it's dark here. The wind gushing down to your feet is cold as if some ghost touched it. I walked fast the thick roots of the trees. No sound of birds can be heard nor running bunny's around well because this forest was never ben a shelter to anyone. 

I was sure that I left school at exactly 4 in the afternoon so it means it's still bright. But each step I took the surroundings seemed darker and darker. I just shrugged the thoughts I've been imagining and continued my walk. I never noticed a big root in front of me then I stumbled down. I immediately looked around me, I felt someone staring at me. I immediately stand and tried to feel around me, when I don't feel anything I went off. 

That scary feeling I experienced in the path was a little bit weird. But shrugged it off when I found the exit. Feeling lucky for me for I never loss my mind, am still thinking straight. As I was nearing in our house I found it so quite, I tried to call my mother but found no answer. Maybe she's still out, I entered my room and found something scary than what I experienced in the forest. 

My mother was crying silently over a body that was covered with thin fabric. I tried calling her but she seemed to hear nothing. I was just confused who owned the body lying in my bed, as I about to removed the fabric a very cold wind enveloped me and I found myself in the forest standing alone together with the people who never found they way back home. 

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