Teenage Mind

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As teenagers we often get lost within our own thoughts. (I'm new here and looking for critical feedback thank you!:)

Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016



The Teenage Mind

It’s hard to explain. It’s too hard to explain. He kept repeating. We wandered that night, wandered until our misery drained our minds. I remember the city air. The city lights. I remember feeling so empty. Like there was nothing in the world that could make me feel the same. When you’re so young the smallest things seem so big, we try you know, we try to escape our feelings. That’s what I tried doing that night. I thought running away leaving with them would help. I shouldn’t have, I should have stopped. But we kept going, taking more, we ran those streets like Kings and Queens, and for a split moment it felt like all our worries meant nothing. I was racing, my heart was racing faster than my thoughts could process. It’s normal to stress, to be scared. I remember waking up. My vision was spinning my view was distorted. I wanted it to end. The things we do to avoid our pain. The things we do to avoid consequences only lead to worse. Yet being so young, and feeling so old, it creates a sense of damage in us. Emotions are everywhere, first heartbreak, first love, our first loss. Were human. We condemn ourselves. We never want the good to end, whether the good is being young, whether the good is being in love, whether the good is bad. When you lose yourself within your own thoughts, it’s as if you’re drowning in a pool of sanity, you begin to understand yourself. Then we begin to reach, reach down the road, trying to find the right path in the wrong.  Only to realize that we’ve been there the whole time. Yet we let our thoughts cloud our vision preventing us from seeing our full potential. Through it all its life. Emotions take over and things happen. But since were young. And were only young once. Fall in love, get hurt, learn, and live. That’s what I’ve learnt. And I strive to learn more every day.  And for that split moment, everything will be okay.


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