Malusi the migrant worker

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Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016



Born and bred in the dusty potholed land of Maluti, Malusi so in love with arts and craft and sold his worthless soul to paintings. As the night owl that he is, he would kick the blanket with rejuvenating positivity in pursue of of milking the drier stubborn cow of yesterday, which is to get penniless rouble out of his paintings and crafts to make end meets for his impoverished family.with the sun that evict the restless tongue out of the dogs mouth, Musa is maybe blessed with misfortunes as he will live to see another penniless day. You would swear that Maluses work is not so pleasing to the eye, as locals would just pass by looking on the opposite, not even bothering to feed their eyes with Musa work. As skinny poor locals passed by, Musa took himself to wonderland am i going to put stale bread on the table?.. never mind paying my daughters school fees... I rue the day i escaped from school. I'm in love with arts it soothe my soul, but i have to sart providing for my family, maybe i should relocate to joburg, and get my fair share of the gold in abundance. Coming back to the ruthless and selfish world, so selfish that dog eat dog, Musa saw o bold and short Afrikaner farmer so familiar with his former employer by stature. In approach towards his art and craft sale point, meneer your work is so precious, i bet you already sold thousands to make you Bill Gates for a lifetime ”. In response to the Afrikaner farmer Malusi said “ I'm only waiting for a good Samaritan to buy one craft so that i can also lift my hand to the mouth, but i will consider it as a donation not a purchase. In response by the farmer.

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