Treason of Reason

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
An ode to "friends" and unbalanced relationships

Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016



Treason of Reason


I'm not a bad friend, I won't let you drink alone,

I'm not going to stand idle if someone tries to cut to the bone,

I'm your therapist, your ride home and whatever need be

And the best part of this is that I'll do it all for free.


I may be tired or bored, but I'll still stand here and care

Through happy times, but mostly when you're worse for wear.

I'll be impartial, objective and I'll slap you out of your misery

And the best part of this is that I do it all for free.


I'll turn your frown into a smile even if I neglect myself,

I'll invest time I don't have, you're special, on my top shelf,

I'll give you space when you need it, I'll let you be

And the best part of this is that I did it all for free.


I'll still check in every once in a while, ask how you've been

But I make sure to stay in the shadows, I remain unseen.

The fact of the matter is I'm not lonely, I'm just alone,

We were never together, I've actually always been on my own.


Lately I've been thinking about the cost of this silly chase,

I kept thinking it's free, but truth be told that's not the case.

I can only keep giving until I run out of time and you've wasted mine,

I was left behind like garbage yet I still managed to be fine.


Treason of reason, an assault on common sense,

Some would say cruel and this is not our first offence.

My mind enforces the sentence even though you remain in my heart,

You're banished but not forgotten… and me, I'm right back at the start.

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