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An ode to that very special type of people who 'don't text first'

Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016





I don't have the time, nor the disposition,

Keep on talking but I won't change my position

Because this time I'm not the one in the wrong,

Feel free to consider these words your last song.

Someone had asked you how come I'm not around

And you said I was just nowhere to be found

And so they asked if we maybe had fought

Not with fists and knives, just expression of thought

So you denied: 'Everything's fine, he just didn't call.'

And a prick with some nerve: 'So why don't you call?'

'Oh no, it's fine.', an eye roll and a little twitch,

A sly whisper: 'Way to go with acting like a bitch.'

Days go by, another night out on the town

You see me, I still haven't called, so you frown

'Hey, how've you been? It's been a while.'

You're greeted with disinterest, it's just vile

How can I act like this, I'm just plain being mean

A lot's happened, where do I even begin?

There would be a lot of things to talk about

But you're not on the in anymore, you're out.

Let me introduce you: 'This is X, someone I know.'
You pause confused, a bit of rage starts to show

You are my friend, not just someone I know

A feeling of sadness start sinking in very slow.

This is what we've come to, this is my new friend,

Yes, this is for real, it is not just pretend

You and I though, the ship has sailed... it's the end

I'm tired of trying, so long my pretend friend

Because saying something does not make it true,

But don't fret, there's no point in feeling blue.

A friend in need is a friend indeed, no doubt

That's not you, it's me, so don't point and shout.

A true friend seeks and a true friendship finds

If you just wait around for the tie that binds

Well, then the relationship cycle is very short:

Acquaintance, has potential, my mistake, abort.

'Sorry, we have to get going but it was nice seeing you.'

And it truly was, I'm grateful for us, that's true,

Our fake friendship makes me appreciate the new

For it is you who lost me, it's not me losing you.


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