48 DEATHS: Chapter 3

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Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016



“Asim! I never thought you to be an asshole.” ” I am not, sir. The real reason was I did not want to live here, sir, on Earth. It is all misery, pain… and I know what I need to do, sir.” The line disconnected. *********** BANGALORE

” What all can you cook?” ” All the Indian varities, sir.” ” This hotel looks fine.” Mr. Kumar laughed. “We have 14 floors, sir.” The investigation started. The surrounding was checked. There could be found no weapon. Now, the hotel rooms. 1st floor… 2nd… 3rd… 7th… 10th… 12th. Mr. Kumar knocked.

Asim opened, a pistol on his forehead. He looked pale. His eyes were dull. He pulled the trigger. The blood splashed on the side wall.

He fell down, in silence.

” The media does not need to know.”

*********** ” Snipers sniping snipers! What the hell!” Mr. Kamte rose up in frustration. “Siddarth kashyap! We needed you!”

A tall, young man was standing at the door.

Siddarth Kashyap was given no prior training but had got everything in genes. His father, Akash kashyap was the head of Delhi Crime Branch for 5 years and was killed while he was involved in Chopra’s murder case which still remains to be unsolved…

Siddarth had been fluent in few minor murder cases and has before tried to help the crime branch of several different cities.

He has had always been straight to the point, condemned the police when needed; praised them for their efforts. He smiled a smile. ” I won’t be working with you. I just need to get information on a regular basis. The world should never know about my involvement in this case. Send me an officer who would live with me for the next few days and the documents.”

“Okay, sir.”

He walks past the door.

“He was mean.” a constable said. “He always is.” replied Mr.kamte “But we need his thought too.” and took a sip of tea.

************ Siddarth was walking down the street, calmly as always. He knew,there is a possibility of someone spying on him or sniping him. He had rented a room, near the Hotel Khwaja, the hotel where Varun had checked-in. ************** “Not yet,sir. The lights are still on and I can see the shadow of a man falling on the curtain. He is sitting. He is certainly Siddarth,sir.” “I hope.” The line disconnected.

The ‘sir’ called Mushtaq. “Inform.” “No police has arrived the hotel yet. All the visitors have checked-out and the hotel has been sealed. Some men have checked-out off the other hotel as well. Sir, there is a man who has arrived at a house near it. It seems like he has rented a room because he was with heavy luggage. That is odd,sir.” ” Find out about that man.” The line disconnected. *************

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