If I Built.....

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Different types of buildings --- which one would be best?

Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016



If I Built....

If I built an igloo
Wouldn't it be nice
To find a bit of shelter
Away from all the ice.

If I built a cottage
In grass so deeply green
We could seek out refuge there
And rarely would be seen.

If I built a mansion
There'd be so many rooms
A different place for us to view
A waxing, waning moon.

If I built a tower block
There'd be so many floors
Some high, some low, some in-between
And all with lots of doors.

If I built a palace
No, that would be uncool
We're not the power-hungry type
And wouldn't like to rule.

If I built a cavern house
Deep inside some stone
We could let the music rock
'Cause nobody would moan.

But this is all a fantasy
As I roll up my tent
It's daylight now and time to move
And go where I am sent.

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