I'm Hungry, but the Food is Spoil,

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We wake up each and every day to nourish our bodies; Breakfast, Lunch

Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016



We wake up each and everyday to nourish our bodies with the three important meals.  It maybe good for the Heart and Soul.  And it may not be good at all.  Fried Chicken, Biscuits, String Beans and Mash Potatoes. They're the components of an unhealthy Meal: the Grease, Butter and the Carbs.  They will disguise themselves with goodness and fail you Tremendously.  You see we all eat with our eyes and not with are Mind and our Soul.  It is the Flesh that is playing Treats on us, because we never made a change.  And the change begin with the Lord not of ourselves; It's call Surrender.  "Surrender to God All-Powerful!  You will find peace and prosperity. Listen to his teachings and take them to heart.  If you return to God and turn from sin, all will go well for you."  (Job 22:21-23)

Now we all want to Eat, Eat and Eat, because some types of Food look so good.  We need to have it RIGHT NOW, even though we are full and nourish with goodness.  It is the crumbs and the nonsense that we place in are bodies that corrupt us from feeling Rejuvenated and Whole.   Look, Listen and Learn the word of God on your own.  Don't received it from a Sluggard, search for it on your own and ask the Lord for understanding. "The Sluggard buries his hand in the dish, But will not even bring it back to his mouth." (Proverbs 19:24)  For it is the Daily Bread the Word of God; Eat and you shall received his Spirit and in Truth.  "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth."  (John 4:24)  Hallelujah, Hallelujah

When you received your Fresh Food do you preserve it, or you will let it Spoil so no one will be able to Eat.  Hallelujah.  You just let the Food sit around and don't place it into someone Hands.So they can Nourish there bodies.  Instead you rather give them some Rotten Food so they won't be able to eat being in the Father Spirit and in Truth.  "And no man putteth New Wine into old bottles: else the New Wine doth burst the bottles, and the Wine is spilled, and the bottles will be marred: but new wine must be put into New Bottles." (Mark 2:22)  Thank you Jesus

Let me tell you some of us is so Greedy, as my Grandmother would say,"Gluttonous."  We received food and act like we can't give it to someone who is Hungry.  We will just eat in front of them, knowing full well that they didn't have anything to eat.  And than say stuff to them like, "Oh this food is so good, you should go and get some for yourself."  And you know they probably don't have any money.  What it all boil down to if you know that you are full with the Word of God.  Minister the Word to other's, allow them to be fill with the Goodness of Jesus; it is the Bread of Life.  Don't be Stingy, HALLELUJAH.  If someone is looking at you let them have a bite.  Don't try to fight, because after they get a hold of your food, they will eat with all of there might.  Its Breaking Bread in Jesus name.  LORD HAVE MERCY.  CAN I GET WITNESS.  And that is the Word of God.  YES GOD, YES GOD.  If you are eating and see someone looking at your food.  Ask them would they like to try some, it's very good.  And it's call the Daily Bread the Word of God; the Food for your Heart, Mind and Spirit.  God Bless you All.   Amen, Amen andAmen.

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