Lyrical Night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: ATR Book Club
To a special friend who has an upcoming birthday. Just don't end up like Lyra, alright? Have a happy birthday and follow your dreams!

Submitted: July 03, 2016

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Submitted: July 03, 2016



Her eyes looked right out towards the winter night. The brown seemed to blend into the night sky more and more the longer she looked. Her skin seemed to turn light like the snow that gently touched the ground, not strong enough to make a single impact.

She looked at one of the snowflakes through the window. The snowflake seemed to be slightly bigger than the rest, but it didn’t stand out that much. She turned around to sense a rhapsody of new flavours entering her nose. The cinnamon mixed with gingerbread became greater.

Her irises grew once she turned around, but she just saw the past. The cursed and gruesome past had been following her for quite awhile. Her situation became more dire as she tried to hide from the past by isolating herself from the outside world.

“Come on, Joanna!”, the vision from the past yelled playfully.

Madison grabbed her arm to get her to leave her cabin. Joanna resisted, but her best friend started to pout. She even used her old name, Joanna. Now she hated that name, she was no longer Joanna, but she was Lyra instead. She wanted nothing to do whatsoever with the past.

“Karl is going to be there.”, Madison said.

The spewing of her crush’s name made her a little tempted, but she wasn’t going to give in. Karl was dead now and there was nothing she could do about it. Karl is dead, Madison is dead, so many dead, but she survived that horrible night in the limousine. Why did she have to be a survivor? Many kindhearted people vanished from the face of the earth that night.

“This is all a vision of that horrible past. Go away, begone!”, Lyra yelled in her head.

A slightly younger voice spoke in her head following her modern voice, “I won’t be gone until you realise the past. You are always Joanna and you can never change that.”

Lyra cringed at the hearing of her past name, she continued to argue with herself, “I am no longer her. We share the same body, but our mindsets are completely different. They never existed, no need to feel guilty.”

Lyra tried to get up, but she stumbled. Tears fell down her eyes as she kept humming twinkle twinkle little star to calm her nerves. Lyra’s right foot felt weighted as she tried to force it to move. Her right foot stomped on the ground, but she tripped right over her left.

The impact seemed bigger than an ordinary fall. The drop wasn’t an ordinary drop, but the most nerve wracking she had since that horrible night. It reminded her greatly of the other car that crashed into the limousine. Only if she managed to stall Madison a little longer, she would still be here today!

“It’s not your fault.”, her younger self said in her head.

Lyra kept proceeding towards the kitchen with one goal in her mind. She was going to end it all. She walked right towards the counter and opened the drawer. A sharp blade rested right on her throat, but the universe seemed to be against the idea. Light from a picture gleamed in her eye.

The knife dropped straight onto the floor. She walked over to the picture with wroth footsteps. She felt no joy for this picture even after she saw Madison, Karl, and her other friend, Matt in it. She picked up the picture frame and threw it right into the active fire.

She heard the glass smash and that’s all she needed for verification that it no longer existed. She bent down to get the knife, she held it up to her throat once again. Another knife went flying right through the room that completely knocked hers to the ground. She looked towards where she thought the knife came from and just saw an open window. She rushed quickly to the window to feel a cold breeze brush against her skin. The silhouette of the shadowed saviour vanished into the night. A yellow treat caught her eye, she turned towards the side of the window sill to see a yellow cupcake with a candle. The candle was not lighting and she could tell it never was before.

She walked over to the kitchen once again. Not to end her life, but to make a wish come true. Her parents always told her birthday wishes would come true. The last time she celebrated her birthday was in a nearby small town at a cafe with her friends, her last wish was to be near them forever.

“Wishes don’t come true, but it’s worth a shot.”, Lyra said to herself.

The flame ignited onto the candlewick. Lyra gathered her breath and thought of what to wish for, but nothing came to mind. With nothing to say at all, she said a simplistic thing that sprung into her head. A thing that her friends have always said to her around this time of year.

“Happy birthday.”, she said as she blew out the candle.

The light of the small flame vanished into the air. She placed the cupcake on the counter for later eating. Her eyes stared out into the cold night, this time with the window open. She didn’t care about freezing, but she cared about thinking and getting emotional relief.

She turned around to the door opening. Her parents rarely visited and always called when she did. All of her friends were dead, so who could it be? She had no siblings and no other family members that were close to her. Except one, but why would he be here?

“There’s no way that’s him…”, Lyra said to herself in disbelief.

“Long time no see, Joanna. I might just call you Lyra now.”, he said to her.

Her mood started to mix as she spoke, “Why are you here, Cheney?” Cheney took off his navy blue sportcoat and put it on a wooden coat hanger next to the door. He walked across the room and plopped himself down next to her. She looked at him with rapidly changing emotions, she hadn’t seen him in so long, but she had so many questions at the same time.

“I’m here simply to say happy birthday.”, he told her.

“You said it, now please make your way to the exit.”, she responded.

“We need to talk. It has been over two years since that incident. I’m a survivor as well, but I’ve gotten help and I have moved on.”, Cheney told her.

She was ready to slap him right across the face. Her hand moved forward in a socially feminine motion, Cheney never had the fastest reflexes, but they were fast enough for him to dodge. The wind caused his blue tie with squares on it to dangle.

“Being cooped up here for two years has done nothing for you, right?”, he asked her.

“I suppose it hasn’t, but I’m not like you. I just can’t forget these things.”, she responded to his question.

She turned around to see Cheney with his coat in his arms. The words struggled to come out of her mouth as she attempted to say them. Cheney looked behind him and heard her struggles.

She finally let it all out, “It hasn’t done anything for me! I almost committed suicide today!”

Cheney responded, “I know.”

“Were you the one who saved me?”, Lyra asked.

“I was, but I did it for you and not for me. Goodbye, you know where to find me.”, he said to her before shutting the door behind him.

“I am no longer Lyra, but I am Joanna. I need to put that horrible accident behind me for the sake of all of my friends who died.”, she told herself.

The wind blew through the house, a newspaper fell right into the fire. Normally, she would be upset if that newspaper fell into the fire. She no longer felt the need to read the two year old newspaper that proclaimed her friends dead.

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