A day in the life of a girl in love

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Although I was in love truly with my boyfriend, yet, unexpectedly, I fell for my boyfriend's best friend, and I hate myself, for loving Kevin Johnson, the best friend of my boyfriend, Daniel Straight. Things got out if hand, but I truly want my love, Daniel back. Will I get him back?

Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



I was staring at the dark blue sky with fluffy white clouds rushing above my head, when my eyes fell on my boyfriend sitting on the driver's seat. I smiled as my eyes stared at his pretty dark brown hair, and his grayish eyes, which suited both his hair and his smile, added to his looks. He was charming and sweet. My boyfriend, Daniel Straight. I was sitting on the passenger's seat, staring at my charming driver, who drived cautiously. Things had gone out of hand when my parents first met Daniel. My father was enraged. Not because I loved Daniel, but because his family and my family had had a bad fight some years ago. We had both met during our high school classes, and instantly fell in love at first sight. Our families don't approve of our being together, but, our love for each other had made us endure every mess and being together for the past 5 years, we had nothing but love for each other's company. I love his jolly mood, and his sweet, helpful attitude. The way he takes everything lightly, yet seriously, enchants me. He is a youth of 22 years, and has a great desire to be a doctor in his upcoming life, which clearly states his kind nature. I, on the other hand, have a great desire to become a teacher to teach at schools or colleges, and that will always assist me to walk together with him in his life. I was so lost in my thoughts, that I forgot the guy in front of me was trying to get my attention. Jerking, I looked at him with surprise, and he said, "Emily, is everything alright?" "Um, yes it is. I just feel tired. Maybe I dozed off." I said with a smile. His eyes shows his concern for me. He resumed driving and said, "Don't worry, Babe. I know you are tired, but we will reach Kevin's at no time. Then, you can rest as much as you want." "Yes, I certainly will." I said. I and Daniel, both have been disinherited from our family, because of the love we possess for one another. When I moved into his small apartment, he was cautious enough to provide for each if my needs, such as to make me never feel lonely. He is so caring of me, I can't say whether or not I am a gold digger. Each and everything that we both endured for one another is enough to prove our love. Fortunately, Daniel had a maternal aunt, whose death provided us some money. The thing is, Daniel and his family now have no connection, but that late aunt of his had stored away money for Daniel to use when she dies, and it provided for our education and both ends meet. "Just 10 minutes more." He said, as he sharply turned the car. The breeze being so cool, I fell asleep, and became unaware of the happenings around. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I woke up to the sweet warm sunshine falling directly on my face. Putting my fingers above my face to prevent that direct light from hitting my eyes, I turned around to see the driver's seat empty. "Daniel must have gone away without waking me up." I muttered as I got down the car to check around. The area was a parking zone with lots of trees on the sides for a beautifying effect. I looked around and then back at the car. I was alone in that area and it felt scary. Daniel won't ever leave me alone! I called out his name several times, but no answer came. As I tried to run, I fell down because of the heels I was wearing, and got a sprain. Touching my ankle slightly, I realized that the pain was quite strong. Daniel wasn't nearby, and I was hurt! What a despicable situation! Suddenly I noticed a hand extended towards me. "You Ok Miss?" I heard a rough sound and looked up. A hooded man was looking at me. Better than nothing! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As I fortunately knew the room number of the hotel we were staying in, I got the help of that man to carry me on his back to my room. Then, applying a kind of spray on my ankle he said to me, "I hope you are ok now, Miss." "Yes. Thanks a lot for your help." I said. The hooded man sat down beside me and said, "So you are staying here?" "Why yes?! My boyfriend has booked this place. We are here to meet a friend of his, and I really am quite nervous doing so." I blurted out. Unfortunately, I talked much, and sometimes even nonsense. I rather became angry when I felt that man giving a smirk from his hood. "Your boyfriend's name?" He asked, much to my astonishment. "I guess it has nothing to do with you..." I said, since he was a stranger, and nothing good will come talking to a stranger. "Well, I guess he is Daniel Straight." He said, leaving me gaping at him in a shocked manner. "How do you know him?! Who are you?!" I asked, and the man started laughing. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Daniel appeared and crossed his arms on his chest. "So there you are Emily, and..." His face turned grim when he turned towards the stranger. "And...he knows you! You are his friend, are you?" I said, surprised. "And by the way, where were you? You left me alone!" I complained. Daniel then said, "Why do you think we are here, Emily?" He asked, to which I said, "To meet your best friend, Kevin, as far as I know!" "And who do you think he is?" He asked me. "How the hell should I know?" I said, surprised at the situation. Suddenly, the masked man started laughing at both of us, and if made Daniel laugh too. "So guys, this isn't at all funny to me!" I said. "Will someone explain what's going on here?!" Daniel laughed his heart out and said, "Sorry for scaring you, Emily. This is Kevin. Kevin Johnson. He is a band member of the famous band, ASH, and is their lead guitarist and vocalist. I was bringing my stuff here, and you had fallen asleep, so I didn't wake you up. I just don't know when this fellow slipped out of the room when he was helping me and...blah blah blah. You know what happened after that." Opening his hood he said, "Pleased to meet to. Emilia Samuels, I guess? Dan has said me all about you. I am Kevin. Call me Ken. They all do." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That evening, Daniel said me that he was unable to pay the rent of the apartment we were staying in, and that's why, Hus friend, Kevin will help us accommodate until we get a job. He is rich, and helpful, and Daniel said that he will help us all he can. "Amazing! So you never told me that you were unable to pay the rent, did you?!" I said, extremely mad at him. "I couldn't, Babe. I didn't want you to suffer from the debt which I had created by taking loans. I promise, I won't let you feel poor. I might not be able to give you a luxurious life and all, but I will provide as much as I can..." I was about to scold my way to him, when a waiter of the hotel told us to go down in the main hall to attend the band that ASH, the most famous band, was going to perform. Daniel was quite eager to show me Kevin's performance, and took me all the way down. Well, now, we are staying in the same hotel with Kevin, and I know, this is going to be one of the best vacations ever.

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