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What may happen in Hell, on the last day?

Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016




The sceptre was lying on the ground.  Coal formed a carpet where grass should be.  Satan sat silently upon his charcoal throne.  His red scaly form the only one he could show to the man.  The demon of demons had been conquered by the rue of mankind.  Even God could not help this time.  Every laughter breathed upon Earth.  For the devastation caused by humans.  Directed by the devil and his imps.  All the woes of flesh had turned on Hades itself.  The disease called Man had reached the bowels of Hell.


The planet with one Moon, shone brown under the faltering Sun.  One stupid person had thrown loads of missiles everywhere.  Covering the Earth.  Even at the only star.  The distant lights cowered in fear.  The moon became a blue bruised Rubik’s Cube.  The north and south poles were now black with envy.  The cities were flattened by the ignorance of no caring politics.  Even the anti-Christ could not exist here. 


God watched from Heaven.  Wary of his children.  The latest Adams and Eves had destroyed everything.  The last man that died stood in Hell.  Just before the Atomic end.  His watch ticked to four past midnight.  The day was not important.  Days had been banned long ago.  Booze and bargains had been the last of normality.  The man stood before Satan.  Red scaly hands wept at the face of man.  The man asked, ‘What have I done?’


Satan growled in rage.  His  furnace spat at the stubborn man.  The lout lingered like a mar on the Universe.  Designed by God.  Controlled by the Devil.  Lost by fate.


The man breathed on the king of evil.  The talons of the beast became riddled with gangrene spreading instantly from foot to horned head.  Hell remained as did Man.  God cursed his creation.  The disease grew to a lethal virus.  Moving far and wide over the troubles of Hell.  Death had come to other worlds.  The bridge of time had reached the stairway to Heaven.  The last words of Lucifer had been heard.


The dark prince sighed in his demise.  ‘All Mighty!’


At the sight of the last man.  The Lord of All.  The Prince of Peace.  The Light of Light.  Mopped his brow.  The Mildew of life filled his cloth.  When rung out the drops of hope fell upon the Pearly Gates.  Also on the head of the Man. 


The rain changed into stardust.  The Holy Spirit found the man of woe.  Glitter covered his hide.  A golden man now stood before God.  The Universe shuddered.  The remaining planet Earth, did not shake now.  No it witnessed the Heavens shake. 


One massive flash aroused the Man.  He saw the truth and the life.  And the way.  God smiled and breathed on Earth.  Blowing away all sin and evil.  Yet Cain remained in a cell of Hell.  It was he that had lead the way to the wicked man.  It was he and everyone else that had been shown.  The last five minutes in Hell.  And instead of a handshake.  The man did Hell Fives.  As he had seen what happens when Hades Falls.

And learned that, GOD IS FOREVER.  AMEN.

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