the feeling of whatever

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Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



I dont know how I feel

I dont know whats real

God please send me a sign

to show me I'll be fine


My hearts just not in it

So I think I'll just sit

And try to solve this mystery

that has fallen in front of me


am I just crazy

or do I actually see

the people around me

that will never be


people live their lives

going home to their wives

while I'm here alone

with no one to phone


I just want a drink

but I have to think

about the future; past

how long will it last


my minds a mess

don't even want to dress

promised of paradise

when I meet my demise


I'm questioning everything

because I don't see the bling

wondering when I will die

and reach the other side


my faith is slowly falling

because I'm hauling

all these stupid baggage

I'm so close to the edge


For those whose wondering

If I deserve such things

Ive earned my wings

not even a chance to swing

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