Connecting You From Heaven

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This is a prayer. I have only listened this voice within. I ask why I pray only when I am so special for my family. May be connecting you from heaven I have something like a wish for all. This require one carpenter to start our living days so blessed. May this teacher guide us always. Let us start on this hour a journey like never before. Look at the way I have tagged this poem fallen from within. I ask only you a favor. Dont keep away from what you believe if you feel everything is so granted when our world is not like this. Our carpenter must do something new for this teacher called life. Let us inspire each other in this writing. Comments are always welcome here. Ask me what you feel. I will add your surprises if you keep cherishing this know how. Let us circle our lifetime around this fire of roses. It is so blessed where you will start this rethinking. Thanks once again. Dont forget to say how you have interpret this message. Like it if this is not so wrong. :)

Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



Gift of my life offer all humbleness before the supreme foundation of life,

In very true existence I know my teacher as God,

For my deepest respect for this heart, 

I may be blessed in my time before its endless unlimited knowledge,

If I know my responsibility towards my parents,

I am blessed on the entire universal existence before love respect this heart,

Every spirit that transform this eternal divine energy connecting you from heaven,

All the way I know myself as the source of this wisdom of silence,

May success imprint all my day for this promise,

I offer my prayers one commitment where life is a bed of roses for this wish,

From all celebrations may I worship this person who likes to guide me,

Swearing on this truth I honor your days may nourish this fortune for all our friends,

Very truly this brings me happiness within,

Connecting you from heaven may my land sing this peace of joy in implants of hope,

Where I dispense a story of one God who listens this composition of person within,

Constructing myself from this deepest thought of the oldest illustration of our entity,

May generations connecting you from heaven for all participants transcribe this truth of trinity,

Some tracks beyond any understanding uncover and preside on a spiritual journey as its ends,

Yet my place in this prepartion question why I am brought up born to be only pioneer for my family alone,

If sometime unite my heart from understanding sustaining value for being one witness,

When time will swift again I raise this unity we have connecting you from heaven,

May we originate from receiving three entity,

If one will be a sponsor who may fuel this time we live,

It should purchase its grants from evergreen wealth of our planet that can be renewed and recycled back to our home,

If one will be a volunteer who may comfort this space we sow,

It must provide recommendation for all where we must respond why there is a change in the climate reachable for all,

If the last fabricators be its staff who may seek and educate all where people employ evaluations for the next harvest,

It must begin from home enlisting expedite for hosting this festival of all seasons that may be born,

Connecting you from heaven all time when Mother Earth you came as protector for all,

Today in our interaction life is singing this influence we have with your deepest information at hand,

We may keep learning how you will receive us this three entity,

If your epic always begin this lucky gift for my nation,

May rain not follow floods but sprinkle spring in its makeover,

May sun set yet shines giving us morning where our happiness may harvest its blessings,

May snow fall yet wrinkle gifting us shade behind all life that loves its fine art,

May night rinse yet light every heart for giveaway brightest dawn as my days here may last for this wish,

May our season endless start this time like a spring season where all life extinct may live again in harmony,

May people like yet not kill eachother for something they need daily until this blessing last in my life,

If this is a truth why every stars in the heaven one day understood our destiny for what you believed for all your belongings, 

This day may rise above the true self of divine eternal energy asking connecting you from heaven for my only wish I seek for my heart may know who has given me this life born to win this blessing,

If my teacher is not so wrong when I ask your openness where kindness for this wish is my greatest gift,

For all inscriptions I seek here live for your eternal grace,

May always commit a morning so awesome till the end of my days on Earth.... :)

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