The Metaphorical Package

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a metaphor for those who want one.

Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



Rauq Delvins was a package delivery guy. His life at home was miserable, but, his packages always made it to their designated locations on time. This particular day in the hot sunshine, Delvins was to deliver a package to a very nasty neighborhood known for its high crime. Delvins even made a point to call up his supervisor and say that he did not want to deliver this package and asked if there was someone else that could take the job. Of course, the supervisor’s answer was not the one Delvins was looking for.

The door to the raggedy delivery truck creaked as Rauq opened it. He tossed the brown box on the passenger seat and climbed into the driver’s seat. He closed the door behind him and checked his cell phone for any updates on the job. None. Rauq clicked in his seatbelt and cranked the old truck to life.

After driving a little ways the radio sputtered on. Rauq had turned it on earlier, but it always took it a moment to pull signals from the sky. Delvins relaxed a bit as a result of one of his favorite songs played through the almost burnt out speakers. The sun was high in the sky and a deadly neighborhood was coming into view over a dipping road. Delvins checked his phone to make sure he knew the exact address of where he was headed.

A small ding came from the dash of the car. It was the low fuel light. Delvins breathed a heavy sigh and looked around for the nearest gas station. He discovered one at the next light and moved into the right-hand lane. After a moment, he was sitting next to a gas pump. Delvins exited the car and went inside to pay.

The inside of the gas station smelled as if it had never been cleaned in any way. The hot dogs slowly rotating under a lamp of heat did not look at all appetizing. The cashier had an obvious glass eye and a look of sheer disappointment on his face. Delvins approached the counter and fumbled for his wallet. He finally slipped it out of his pocket and pulled out a company gas card.

“Can I get thirty-five on pump three? In a bit of a rush” said Delvins to the cashier.

“Ain’t take cards here. Cash only” the cashier said with a yellow and crooked grin.

“I only have a company card” Delvins said swinging his arm holding the card down at his side.

“Then I’m of no use to you” the cashier taunted putting a stick of gum in his mouth.

Delvins turned away from the counter and stormed out of the store. The cashier waved his hand at Delvins as he pushed the door open to leave. Rauq climbed back into his truck and pulled back out onto the street. He had to find another gas station before the tank was completely empty and he lost even more time.

The car almost skidded off the road when Delvins noticed that the package was no longer next to him. Delvins pulled the car into a small parking lot and frantically unbuckled his seatbelt. He left the vehicle and walked around the car, searching. He opened up the back of his truck and saw that the package wasn’t there either. Delvins climbed back into the store and started heading back to the gas station. He saw the gas station appearing in the distance when the truck started shaking. It was running out of gas. The truck shut off and Delvin’s lost power steering.

Rauq turned the wheel as hard as he could to get the truck onto the sidewalk and out of traffic. Again, he got out of the truck and looked ahead toward the gas station. There, walking inside, was the cashier carrying the package.

“Hey!” Delvins hollered as loud as he could.

The cashier did not turn around and take notice of his cry. Delvins tried again.

“Hey!” he yelled. Nothing.

He saw the cashier place the package on the counter. The cashier pulled out a pair of scissors and started to cut the string atop the package. He was about to open it.

Rauq was now running full speed and screaming, “Don’t open that! That package isn’t meant for you!”

The cashier opened the flaps to the package and everything went white. The entire gas station went up in flames. The music playing in Delvin’s truck died with the battery.


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