I am Just as Sane a Man as You

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Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



  It is another sleepless night staring me in the face as I stare back into its black void. The thoughts swirl endlessly in my mind until a sudden kick of the leg interrupts, reminding me I'm still alive, transporting me back into my physical self. And it is welcomed - I try to stop thinking so much as I lay here idle. The mind of a man should be a sanctuary - a place for thoughts to run wild boundlessly. This is, alas, how it should be. But I have come to dread getting lost in my thoughts - it is what happens when I think that keeps me awake.

I try to see myself as an ordinary man. I have the same problems as everyone else - bills to pay, goals to reach, relationships to pursue. But there is one problem I have, one quite unordinary, that keeps me from sleeping at night. And at this point, having endured it for three months, I am convinced that my dilemma is not something contained within my psyche - it is something unreal, unexplainable, but real just the same.

It was three months ago, my neighbors bought this dog, a basset hound beagle mix, which they apparently never named, and which I have never heard them call by any name (or call at all for that matter). It seemed at first harmless enough: just a dog with maybe a few bouts of annoying barking, but harmless just the same. But in the coming nights I came to learn the cruel nature of this dog. A nature so unnatural that it doesn't deserve such a title.

As I lay trying to sleep, deep thoughts stirring in my head, I hear a voice, kind of raspy and light. The first time I heard it I was extremely scared and confused, but it has become a part of my life. That voice is that of my neighbors' hound dog. As incredible as this may seem it is the honest truth. As I think this dog listens to my thoughts, criticizing, judging me, and looking on with contempt. And I can hear his every critique. What's wrong with this guy? Where's his ambition? What a sorry excuse of a man! For hours on end, these comments plague me, this evil voice ripping and tearing into my spirit, as I pray for daylight.

Yet, my neighbors claim not to even own a dog! What a silly claim, yes? How can they deny it when I can see it - and hear it - everyday and night.

And I am just as sane a man as you. If you saw something with your own eyes, heard it with your own ears, and could sense the very presence of it, would you have any reason not to believe it? This thing is just as real as you and I. Call me what you want, but the truth is, after the head injury I became more than a man - I became an enlightened being! I feel pity for you, for my newfound knowledge is far more valuable than the mental security you may have. And as for my neighbor's dog? That son of a bitch opened doors to a whole new world of knowledge, things that can only be understood by such an extraordinary mind as mine. But I am just as sane a man as you are, and you can become just as sane a man as me.

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