Reaper's Eclipse

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
In a different timeline than the main one, Yoshiro killed not only Hiroshi, but also Tsuyoshi with the same shot, while trying to save them both. His mind shattered and he retreated to the Paladins, who rejected him, sending out Katriina to test him to see if he was worthy of their training. After the incident with Fumio, he realizes that he has no friends or allies and wanders off on his own. Verbana was at peace for a time, until strange murders started happening, the victims were all shot through the head. Yoshiro had returned, this time as the Grim Reaper. Having the leadership ability of his main series counterpart, Yoshiro was quickly able to form an army, forcing the leaders of the continental nations to form a resistance against his crushing movement. The battle is a losing one, but hope lies within a genetically enhanced clone of him, named Yoshiko, who is designed as a second generation Kawal type super soldier. As the two collide, original and clone, neither of them knows which one will be left standing at the end of the conflict.

Table of Contents


Submitted: July 04, 2016

Disclaimer: This is the first in the Historia series which is a new series that focuses on Alternate Universes. One thing I've said time ... Read Chapter

Chapter 1

Submitted: July 06, 2016

480 Years After Verbana's Liberation Yoshiko stood in the middle of a chamber within a castle, her opponent stood before her and she... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: July 07, 2016

Rogelio looked at the base that Yoshiro had built in conquered Mofeta territory and sighed as he pointed towards the front gate with his ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: July 09, 2016

Kauko looked at the figure that entered into the war room of the Mus castle, "Rogelio Sanez Lorca, what a surprise." Rogelio sighed as he... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Submitted: July 09, 2016

Yoshiro sighed as he sat upon his throne, he was bored of the whole path that his life had taken, he had no wife, no children... nothing ... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Submitted: July 10, 2016

Mamoru stood in the armory of a Menschilche vessel, he took at look at Yoshiko and placed his hand on his chin, "Alright, Yoshiko, I want... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Submitted: July 11, 2016

Yoshiko stepped foot onto Verbana for the first time in her life, the shuttle ride was uneventful and she remembered what the planet look... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Submitted: July 13, 2016

Yoshiro sighed slightly as he reached into the box in which he kept the Imperial Regalia in. He placed his hand on the hilt of the sword,... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Submitted: July 15, 2016

Katriina had come to the lake on her own, she was out in the middle of Mus territory and she sighed slightly, "Every kingdom that has fou... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Submitted: July 17, 2016

Freja looked at the group of Menschilche that were in her throne room, but she looked at the Kitsune who looked like a female version of ... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Submitted: July 20, 2016

Yoshiko found herself in real combat for the first time, the day had arrived and she was fighting her own battle through the streets of a... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Submitted: July 29, 2016

Yoshiro watched as Rogelio finally came to, "Ah, I see that you're awake. Normally, you would've been executed by now, but considering wh... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Submitted: July 31, 2016

It had been a few days since he had killed Rogelio and Yoshiro looked at Yoshiko, "Your mana... its a lot like mine. You could've become ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Submitted: August 06, 2016

Yoshiko sat in the cell when suddenly the wall was broken down by a draconic fist. Yoshiko turned her head and expected to see her death,... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Submitted: August 09, 2016

Yoshiko walked through the halls of the Mus castle with Imma by her side. She entered the throne room and stormed over to Freja, "Mamoru ... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Submitted: August 14, 2016

Julius landed within Draconic territory, he looked around as Imma and Killian slid off his back, "Imma and Killian will be leaving, you s... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Submitted: August 16, 2016

Yoshiko sighed slightly as she looked up at the skies of Verbana, mere hours have passed since she had arrived in Draconic Territory and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Submitted: August 20, 2016

Yoshiko looked around, night was starting to fall, but she was looking for one person in particular, Amaterasu herself. As she walked pas... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Submitted: August 24, 2016

Yoshiko stood within the middle of the draconic kingdom, the appointed time had arrived and she watched as Emiko walked in with someone a... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Submitted: August 27, 2016

Imma found herself on a battlefield, it was a four way battle between the Dragons, Resistance, Menschilche Imperium, and Yoshiro's Empire... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Submitted: August 28, 2016

Yoshiko looked around as she stepped foot into the underwater base, it was unusually empty. As she walked forward, she heard footsteps mo... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Submitted: August 29, 2016

Yoshiro sat at the dinner table with Yoshiko on the other side, "I know that everything you have been learning up to this point has been ... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Submitted: August 30, 2016

Yoshiko looked out through the glass of the dome she was in, she had no idea what was going on anymore, or even what time it was. She had... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Submitted: August 31, 2016

Yoshiko walked through the corridors of the underwater base, she had one thing in mind, talking with her grandmother. She passed by Yoshi... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Submitted: September 04, 2016

Yoshiko sighed slightly, she hadn't become accustomed to the fact that she had been living in an underwater dome city. She walked through... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Submitted: September 05, 2016

Yoshiro looked down at his desk as he reviewed the battle from yesterday, the Menschilche had been dealt a defeat, but without a unified ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Submitted: September 06, 2016

Yoshiro and Yoshiko stood in the middle of a large cave that was found below the network of domes. Yoshiko looked around and Yoshiro smil... Read Chapter


Submitted: September 07, 2016

Yoshiko walked into the communications dome, "Open a channel to all kingdoms, I want this broadcast all over the system." One of the guar... Read Chapter

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