The One Who Still Lives

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This the first book of series 1, am still coming up with the series name

Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



The One Who Still Lives

Chapter 1:The story begins

Getting cheated?  He likes them, but they don’t like him, then he likes another person?  Well, that what was what happened to my friend.  It was an average day and I was doing my morning jog until I decided to go to my friend Becky house.  When I got near the house I hear yelling and shouting, so I went inside to see what was going on.  There in the living room was Ariana and Becky yelling at a guy.  Ariana saw me and quickly ran to me.  


“Wild, you shouldn’t be here.  Becky is in a fight with a guy,” said Ariana.

“Who is he?  And why are they fighting?” I ask.

“That is Soun.  He cheated on her.  They were dating until one afternoon she caught him flirting with a girl.” She replied.

“Oh,” I said sadly.

Then I went into the living and room and started yelling at him like Becky, and the Ariana join in.  We kept yelling at him madly until I told him to get out and never come back here again.  

“Hey guys wanna go to the Dance Club?” ask Ariana.

“Sure.”Becky and I responded.

At the club, we saw a lot of boys trying to flirt with girls, but they are so bad at it. Their clothes and hair were ugly.

Chapter 2:The New Fight

We started dancing on the disco floor and having the time of our life.  But we stop when we saw Soun with a new girl.  I felt so bad for Becky when I saw him.  Becky even started to tear.  So Ariana came in to hug her, then she signaled me to come to Soun and give him a piece of our mind.  She picked a good choice because am ready to beat him up with my trash talk.  Unfortunately, he had two guys with him, but they look stupid and dopes.  They even started calling their self “Swag King”.  When he saw he came up to me with a sly face. That made me even madder.

“Well, well isn’t it Wild,” he replied slyly.  

“Soun, what are you doing here?” I asked calmly.

“Hangin out with my new girlfriend.” He replied.

“DO you even care about Becky?  Why did u date her if you don’t even like her?  What kind of jerk are you?  Why would you even do this your cruel monster?”I asked angrily.

“No I don’t, and I only dated her because she is pretty.  And I don’t care. And guards TAKE CARE OF WILD.” he said calmly.

Then his guard surrounded me.  I don’t care if they are guards.

“Hello, dork king,” I said.

“WE ARE NOT DORK KING WE ARE SWAG KING!” they replied madly.

“Oh, where do you rule?  Oh, I bet you rule your little dorky kingdom in your grandmother house, ha ha.” I replied.

Then we kept arguing until I tick them off so hard that they started beating me up.  They look dumb but they punch hard.  Good thing I always work out and I do boxing so I started fighting back.  Soon Becky and Ariana saw me trying to fight and trash talk them, they joined me and started making fun of them.  But some random girl really liked them and she went in and said what we are doing are mean.  But we ignored her and kept going.

Soon we tick them off so badly they ran out of the club.  Ariana and Becky high five me and they hug me.

“Wild what you did was so brave thank you for stand up for me,” said Becky

I was so happy that Ariana and Becky were ok.  

“Wild awesome job!” said Ariana.

“Thanks, guys” I replied.

Chapter 3:The Truth

“Ummm, Becky.  I need to talk to you.  In private.” I said.

“Oh ok.” she replied.

“Ok guys see you later, I guess I can hang around here for a bit,” Ariana said.

So I took Becky to her house.  We sat at her swimming pool.

“So what do you need to talk to me about?” ask Becky.

“Ok, I have, to be honest with you….I...I have a crush on you.” said shyly,

All she did was a smile.

“Don’t  worry your secret is safe with me.” she replied.

After that, we keep smiling at each other.  Suddenly Soun jumps out of nowhere and said,”I know your secret.”

“ did u get in here?!?  YOU CREEP!!” yelled Becky.

“Oh..ummm.uhhhh.”he responded nervously.

Then Ariana appears.  Now it was getting awkward, Becky was in her bikini because we were swimming and I was only wearing my swimming trunks.  

“Hey, guys!  Were you swimming?  Also, meet my new boyfriend, Justin.

“Sup guys!”he said.

Then Soun started arguing with me and then I punch him in the stomach and then we kept arguing.  He also kept arguing about why I am swimming his girl!  And then that ticked Becky off because first he cheated on her now calling her his girl?!?  Then she joined me, then Ariana joined, and Justin joined!  We kept arguing until he scratched Ariana and she started to bleed.  Good thing her boyfriend was here because he had a bandage with him to stop the bleeding.  Then Becky and I quickly ask her if she was ok, when Ariana was bleeding, it ticked Justin, so he joined the fight.  Then he punches Becky in the stomach, he punched her so hard that she nearly fainted.  I quickly caught her and I started to cry a little when she was hurt, so I set her next to a tree.  That ticked me off some and Justin started to beat him up when he had enough he stabbed me with a knife.  Ariana saw me bleeding and yelled,”WILD THERE IS A HUGE CUT ON YOUR STOMACH!  GO IN THE BATHROOM AND CLEAN IT!”  

I quickly ran up the bathroom and turn on the water and jump into the bathtub.

Chapter 4:Death of the Loving

I was getting weaker and weaker I grab a bunch of towels and started to block the bleeding but too much blood was coming out.  I start to faint, but in the background, I could hear Ariana calling me.  I open my eyes one more time and thought of one thing.  Me and Becky.  When Ariana found me I closed my eyes and one tear came out.  My heart stop beating.  My brain was shut down.  I was dead.  The next thing I knew was floating in front of my body.  I could see Becky and Ariana crying.  Becky sob and sob.  I could see and hear her saying,” WHY WHY DID IT HAD TO BE WILD!!! WHY WHY!”  I saw the scene, seeing Becky being crying was the worst thing that had ever happen to me.  Then Justin ran up and saw the scene.  He hugged and Ariana and cried.  All I could have done was whisper one last thing to Becky.

“I love you.”

She heard it and cried even more.  I started to fly away on her roof to watch her every day.  Everyday that had past it was getting worst.  All of the men that had tried to ask her out was rejected.  She said all she want was Wild to be back.  One day I had an idea.  I flew and flew until I found Soun.  I quickly sucked into his body.  AM ALIVE but I was only alive in his body. I had transfer body.  I ran to the flower store and bought the most expensive bouquet.  Then I ran to the Clothes Store and bought a tuxedo.  Then I put it on.  Finally, I ran to the finest restaurant and set a table for 2 at 7.  Then I ran to Becky house.  First used some breath mint and comb my hair a bit.  Then I rang the bell.  The open there was Becky. I smiled.  But she asks,” What do you want Soun?  Wasn’t killing Wild enough?”

“No, I am not Soun.  Am Wild!!! It’s me!!!  I had sucked into Soun body to be with you!” I replied.

“Wild?  OH, MY GOD, IT’S YOU!!  I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!  The past day are terrible without you!  Also,  Why are you dress in a tuxedo?” she asked happily.

“I am so happy to see you too.  But first I need to you to get a dress in a pretty dress and I will be here at 6:50!”I said then I ran off.

“A pretty dress?  Umm, ok?” she said.

Then Becky into her house and started getting dress.

A couple hours later....

At 6:50 I pull up at her house with a cool looking car.  Then I rang the bell.

Out open was Becky she was so pretty.

“ Becky you look pretty,” I said nervously.

“Thanks, Wild, you look very handsome.”she replied sweetly.

“Thanks, now let’s go!” I replied.

Then we got into my car and we drove to the restaurant.

“Is this a date?” She asks.

“Well, indeed it is, my lady.  I know that I like you, but I never had the chance to show you the love since I died.  So here is a makeover.”I replied.

Then I gave her the flowers, and she smiled.  Then I offered my arm and he took it, and then we walk in.

Chapter 5:What is going on?

We had a fabulous a dinner and we talk about a lot of things.  But then things change when Ariana and Justin saw me and Becky dating.  They thought Becky was dating Soun because again am in his body, not mine.  So Ariana walks over here and said,” Soun?!?  Why are you dating Becky?  And Becky why are you dating Soun?” ask Ariana.

“Ummm..ummm Becky and I decided to have a do-over!”I said nervously.

“And oh I think we are finished here! Let’s go Soun!”said Becky getting along with what I'm doing.  

Then Ariana gave me a stink eye, and then went back to her date.

Then Becky took me to my car and we drove home.  I brought her to her door.

“Thanks for understanding to keep this transferring body thing a

The secret,”I said.

“Oh, you welcome.  And thanks for the amazing time.  You really made my day since you died.” she replied.

Then I hugged her and she started to walk in her house and I started walking to my car.

“Oh wait for Wild! I need to tell you something!”she called me.

So then I ran back to the door.  But also Ariana pull over at Becky house and then watched everything.

“Also I forgot to tell you something.  I love you,”she said hugging me.

I was so happy to hear that I came back to life!  Then I watched her hugging Soun.

“Are you sure you are hugging the right person?” I ask.

She pulls away and saw she was hugging Soun.  But she also saw me standing right next to him.

“Wild.Wild?!?” she stamped out.

Then she ran and hug me so did Ariana and Justin.  Then Soun walks away in shame.  Ariana, Justin, and Becky was really happy and confuse of how I came back to life.  So I explained it to them.  Then Justin said,”So this is a double date?”

“Kind of, you and Ariana are bf and gf, but not Becky nor me.  Also, guys, I need to tell you something.”I replied.

“Becky?  Will you be my gf?”I asked.

She was so happy and surprise and then she replied,”YES!”

“Now it’s a double date,” I said.  

Then Becky hugged me.

“So you guys wanna go to the movies? Popcorn on me.” Ariana asked.

“Sure.  Drinks on me.”I replied.

The others then agree.

So went to the movies, and we watched a romantic and tragic movie.  It was call,”The One Who Stills Live”.  When the part where they kiss, Ariana and Justin kiss.  But Becky and I stared at each other, then we kissed.


To Be Continued...


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