The Fisherman

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A mystery

Submitted: July 04, 2016

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Submitted: July 04, 2016



The Fisherman

Heart beating, feet moving, Lina slowly walked down the steps of the lighthouse.  Who could it be?  Someone knocked on her door in the middle of the night.  When she finally got down, she slowly turned the knob, and opened it a bit.  All she could see was, nothing.

“Hmm...that’s odd, I sworn I heard someone knocking,”said Lina confused.

After that, she closed the door and went upstairs to go back to sleep.

The next day…

It’s was dawn and they had all woke up.  

“Ok let's go on the yacht, I am so excited,” said Amy’s Dad.

“Dad, we haven’t even ate breakfast yet,”said Amy hungrily.

“Oops, I can’t believe we missed breakfast,”said Amy’s Dad.

Soon they were going back to the lighthouse and getting their breakfast. Just before they left something extraordinary happen.

“Why is the light flickering?”ask Lina.

“I think some of the light bulbs are loose,”said Lina’s Dad.

“But you just changed the old lights yesterday,”said Amy.

“Maybe some of them weren’t really in,”said Amy’s Mom.

“Stay here guys we are going to check the bulbs,”said Lina’s Mom

Soon the four parents headed upstairs to fix the bulbs, but Amy and Lina were left behind.  

“Is it getting colder in here?”said Lina, freezing.

“But all the windows are close,”said Amy.

“I think you are right, it is cold in here.”

Now the girls were freezing, but what they didn’t know was the old fisherman was behind the door.

*Knock Knock*

“That knocking is back,” said Lina.

“We have to open the door,”said Amy.

The two girls, scared and afraid, opened the door.

“Aughhh!”screamed Lina and Amy.

After a while they noticed it was the old fisherman.

“Here is some crabs,”said the old fisherman in a crackly voice.

“Umm...Thanks?”said Lina awkwardly

After that awkward conversation, the old fisherman held out his hand.  

“What does he want?”thought Amy.

“Amy do you have $3.00?”ask Lina.

“Yeah, why?”asked Amy.

“He wants a tip,”said Lina.

“Oh,”said Amy.

The two girls gave him $3.00, and he went away, but just before he left, they asked him one question that he might not answer.  But it was worth a try to ask.

“What is your name?”asked Lina.

“Why do you want to know, dogs?  What are you, a detective?”asked the old fisherman.

“I just wanna know.  Now answer.”said Lina.

“It’s Henry, dogs.” said Henry.

Still wondering why Henry was mad and always calling them dogs, it was dinner.

“Mom, why is the fisherman always mad and grumpy?”ask Amy.

“Nobody really knows.  The legend said that because he was in a shark attack and his leg was bitten off by the shark,”said Amy’s mom.

“Oh,”said Amy.

Night time had come, and the mysterious fisherman was still a mystery.  After everyone slept, wind was blowing in the room even though the windows were closed, and were was mysterious knocks.  The sleeping girls, confused and curious, woke up and searched around the lighthouse.

“Wake up, Lina.”whisper Amy.

“Huh? Oh yeah, I am ready,” said Lina.

The two girls, tired and sleepy, trudged around the lighthouse with a flashlight.  

“Amy come here,”said Lina.

“What?”asked Amy.

Pointing with her flashlight, Lina showed Amy the green slime.

“Thats weird.  I sworn I haven’t seen this slime before,” said Lina.

“Oh no, it must be the sea monster.”said Amy joking around.

“I think I saw this slime before. But it wasn’t in the lighthouse, I saw the exact same slime dripping from Henry’s boot,”

“Henry?  Why would he be in here?” asked Amy.

*Breaking noise*

“What was that?”ask Amy.

“It’s from the basement,”said Lina.  

‘No, please not the basement.  Have you seen any horror movies? It always involves basements,” said Amy.

“Let’s go Amy,”said Lina.

As Amy refused to go, Lina had to carry Amy to the basement.

“Ok we are here.”said Lina

“Hmm… That wasn’t so bad,”said Amy.

“See, I told you.”said Lina.

“Ok since we are here now, let’s go.”said Amy heading toward the stairs.

“No, no, we are going down there.”said Lina.

Then Lina grabbed Amy and they headed down to the basement.  Then when Lina turned on the lights, she saw a monster with no bones, just the rib, three headed, and blind.

“Aughhh!”screamed Lina and Amy.

Without thinking they both tackled the monster like a football player.

“Grab the rope,”shouted Lina.

Then Amy grabbed the rope and they tied the monster.  But the noise was so loud, their parents heard it and they headed down to the basements to see what's going on.

“What are you two doing here? It’s 2;00 am, and what is that?”asked Lina’s Dad.

“Dad, let us explain,”said Lina.

“Ok, explain,”said Amy’s mom.

“As you can see this is the monster.  And inside it is…”said Lina

Before she finished, Lina pull the mask off of the head, and inside was a very familiar man.

“Oh my God, it’s the old fisherman,”said Lina’s mom and and Amy’s.

“Argh, I did this because I wanted to scare all of you dogs out, so I can have this beach to myself.  But thanks to your little dogs, they stopped me.”said Henry madly.

Later they called the police and they lived happily ever after, or did they?

The End?


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