Blood Line

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The story's about a teenage boy, Allan Freeman, living with his mom Claire Freeman, for 17years and not knowing anything about his life or family, his mind clouded by the mystery of how his dad got missing, abandoning his old life, moving to a fictional city Haven hills, enrolling in a new high school "Haven High", making new friends, joining the schools basket ball team, being the good son he's meant to be to his single mom, and passing through his first year with ease, a normal teenage boy.
7years after he was given birth to, the truce between the werewolves and vampires were broken, as the vampires retaliates against the lineage that the presumed werewolf who committed the murder emerged from, thus leading to the disappearance of Allan's dad, James freeman.
The second year of Allan's high school life comes up, he meets a girl Dana Moore, and they began a relationship, Steve Bambino becomes best friends with Allan alongside Frederick Baez, the following month after the resumption day he was invited to a welcome back party by a friend of his,Oliver Daniels, where he was poisoned by his friend who is later revealed a vampire, he kills his friend in self defense thus awakening his werewolf potential, on the night of his first full moon transformation, he was bitten by a vampire, a bite that was meant to kill him, turned him into an hybrid, which was an abomination to the mythical world, the concentration was then centered on him, as the great vampire king ordered a quick sentence to kill him if contact is made, a new fate is bestowed on him, to clear his family name and to bring balance to both sides of the mythical world. His bloodline of werewolves was fissured by a bite making him an abomination, and a bridge between the vampire and werewolves. To stop the meaningless killing, and avert the fate set aside of both species going to war to end their existence.
He has the power to save life, to prevent life from dying, he will risk his life for the life of others, that's his will.

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A New City, A New Home, A New Life.

Submitted: July 05, 2016

 All My Life, I've always wondered what life. truly meant.  "Life is given birth to, then Life dies"  "Life is given b... Read Chapter

A new city, A new home A new life.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

Moving to a new home, the protagonist gets to settle himself in his new house living with his mom, patches the broken parts in his relationship with his mother as he thinks way back to what happened in the past, growing up seems tough as he started his life to adult hood without his dad, trying to understand the reason his dad left and ends up accepting reality the way it is. Read Chapter

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Blood Line

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