Finding Hope

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Louisa is 15 years old.
She has an infuriatingly good at everything twin brother (whom goes by the name of Cory).
Her little sister Luna is asking loads of awkward questions.
Plus, to top it all off, she finds out that her arch enemy is involved in a plot to overthrow the royals in charge.


What happens if Louisa is a princess and Cory is next in line to the throne.
When this story is not set some quaint random village in England (that nobody has ever heard of) - instead Louisa lives in a castle in Fairyland and Luna is the protector of the moon.
And what next if her arch enemy is son of the greatest power in the universe who just turned nasty and he's actually planning to overthrow her mum and dad.

Because that is just the beginning...


Finding Hope is a story of fitting in, falling out and then just trying to be yourself; not your average fairytale.

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Submitted: July 05, 2016

-Please feel welcome to point out typo's or sentences that don't make sense but please don't start stressing at me - this is only a first draft!

-If you don't like this story then just don't read it! I won't make you carry on if you are not feeling it :D

-Please share with me what you think might happen next - these comments will spur me on to write faster.

-All characters in this story are purely fictional! Any likeness to place names, people etc. are purely coincidental

and finally...

-Please comment, share and fan to your hearts content!


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chapter 1} insignificant

Submitted: July 11, 2016

Hi guys,
I just want to say thanks for all the helpful feedback that I have received- it has really motivated
me to keep on writing :D
So - enjoy! Read Chapter

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