Quakes Across Centuries

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There is a history of how mankind reacts to volcanic explosions and the tremors that could announce them. Here is a sciencefictional twist to what the causes appear to be and what is imagined.

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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Submitted: July 05, 2016



“The area around Yellowstone is going o be very hot one day.” Now I have heard that many times before about end of world scenarios, if it isn’t Hailey’s comet hitting the earth it’ll be something else.

“But the Yellowstone caldera is so much bigger. Think of the hot gasses being released all at once. If you not covered by ash, like in Pompeii, you’ll be in for a deep freeze later on when sunlight can no longer enter through the atmosphere.”

This was the larger statement coming from my colleague who lived and worked with me in Dubois.

“We have had a lot of weird stories coming from the town, like the fire which ravaged the city center and nobody knows how it began. That’s much more real than this futuristic stuff on the end of the Western Plains.”

“You’ll have more than the end of local life. It’ll have far-reaching consequences, instant drought added to the list because water will evaporate.”

And as my colleague spoke I did read something alarming about the rise of the magma reservoir under the park. It is 80kms high and 20 wide!

That night while I slept I could imagine that there would be his gigantic release of hot gasses and that we had to run for our lives. Where was I going to go after hearing this. I guess it is just like living in Pompeii and watching a giant cloud of ash falling down on you so many kilometers away.

I warned my family of the upcoming doom they were entrenched in what they were doing and anything that sounded like the coming if a new world and the elimination of the old did not resonate well with them.

“You can cry wolf too!”was a statement that  made me look like some fanatic who would only appear as the bearer of bad news.

“You love to sensationalize,” was yet another accusation that I would get. But then I told them that indeed history repeats itself again and again in different periods. Settlements could have been destroyed by ash and fire and could not have been caused by man.




This was not the only place where some humans would be accused of predicting the worst. There would be observers from some hidden quarry, some secret canyon cave who noticed this and kept observing the state under which we lived.

“Are they moving from their settlements, now?” was the latest question that this hidden group posted on the human population near the national park.

“They don’t seem to reason about the dangers of living there,” commented one of their advisers who stood observing the town’s central inhabitants through his glass visor.

“We could up the ante,” even though whatever they imagine will come to be. “Let us make the ground shake more.” This was the final statement by their local commander who knew of the proximity of the town and how its elimination would be yet another example of how human would learn of their defenselessness.

“They can build superhighways and super hospitals, but when it comes from this heat rising from the earth. There is nothing to stand in our way.”




Back at the local school in Dubois a school teacher told the students of how likely the magma would rise. She had no connection with any predictions that came from any other world outside her own.

“I say it is a matter of time before the magma rises  that there will be no national park lake let alone roadway to run through,” was her lightest of remarks. She had gotten questions on the impending disaster 25 years ago but now it appeared that this generation was even more attuned to an end of life scenario.

From the back of the class she could hear, “My dad says all we have to do is stock up on reserves and bury ourselves underground for a while to an air shaft of course.”

“You may find that will be like a prison in itself, “her teacher then said. “With all the combustion around, the heat will cause the air in your den to rise and you’ll be suffocated!”

But at that moment one of students had caught the sight of something passing by the window very quickly and it couldn’t have been a regular vehicle. All the other students cut their attention away from the ‘heated’ topic of the end of the world and went over to marvel at what could have been stealth but look more oval in shape.




Years would go by. There would be more reporting of UFOs near the school and the light swarm of quakes never really subsided. People got used of the tremors and just carried on their lives as their grandparents did before them but a cataclysm did occur and thousands perished. Could it be the fault of the changing crust or some other unknown reason?  They speculated on several theories , even one which could be a conspiracy theory at best.

“We have been living here for years and the land is ours,” the older residents told their young at the town hall. But there are those in power who stop at nothing to get us out of here even if it means shaking the earth.” Now that started a flurry of remarks from geologist alike saying that there couldn’t be any political connection to the tremors which would affect everyone including the statesmen running the government and indirectly running the national parks.

“We are being besieged by the changing geography around us,” one of the local geologists stood up and returned the argument. How could there be any other cause besides geological!” This man was applauded but there was still bickering over who had the best opinion on the causes for the highways melting over the park and the erratic behavior of the geysers like Old Faithful which used to erupt  like clockwork.




One day near the Neapolitan coast off Vesuvius another school house had a similar lesson as the one that happened decades earlier in America.

“Remember how the people of Pompeii wanted to appease the gods that ‘ruled’ over them so they shook off any thought of protecting themselves from what could happen and what did happen.”

“Were there warning signs like the tremors that the Americans felt before Yellowstone?”

“How did you know that?” her teacher asked.

“Part of my family immigrated to the state of Wyoming, after the Second World War.”

Just then a school alarm went off and the children were evacuated outside. Vesuvius with it lightly smoking top could be seen in the distance and was part of their culture. The land beneath their feet began to shake just as it probably did centuries earlier and there was no thought as to any imminent volcanic burst. After all that could only happen at Etna which erupts more frequently or after the massive explosion in the Northwestern US, that had since become a no man zone.

But then there was an unusual sighting of craft offshore coming from the direction of Capri."My grandparents used to go there on their holidays," said one of the girls but now there are these strange sightings happening there." And just like what we used to here about UFO's coming from the farwest and the Grand Canyon in the US, another student commented.

The children could not imagine anything more terrible but the land did continue to shake until their village houses around began to crack at their foundations.





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