A Final Stand

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short story about a new field agent named Eric. (An anthropomorphic wolf) Join him on a mission that will leave you guessing what happens next and what happened before.

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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Submitted: July 05, 2016



Eric slipped down a narrow corridor that smelled of dust and bleach. His knife lightly bouncing on his thigh He could hear the sound of heavy boots slamming on the tile after him, drowning out the soft sound of his own paws. He had what he had come for, now all that was left was to get out. Eric swiftly rounded a corner where he found a door that led to the outside. He shoved the door open with his elbow. An alarm started to ring when he stepped into a vast parking lot. Eric's fur glistened in the moonlight and shifted slightly in the cool air. As his eyes adjusted to the  darkness he could just about make out  tigers in armored suits that seemed to be searching. Perhaps for him.


Their large guns intimidated Eric, but that just encouraged him to keep running as far away as possible. A new noise had joined into the commotion, the sound of a helicopter above and several cars igniting their engines. Eric held on tightly to the briefcase. He had no intention of letting go of it tonight. He darted past supply trucks and crates filled with broken explosives. Overhead, he could hear a helicopter getting closer and closer, its spotlight directly on him. Soldiers started to file into the parking lot, guns raised and ready to shoot him down.


Eric kept running hoping to find the end of the parking lot and the woods that he had entered from so he might have a chance of disappearing into the night. As Eric looked around him he was now able to see three cars, to his left, uniting into the chase. Eric turned right in the hope of finding a better escape route. The street lamps were burned out making it nearly impossible to see. Eric looked back and saw that the soldiers were on his tail, waiting to fire their brutal weapons so they could get the satisfaction of watching him fall to the ground and die. Eric shook the thought out of his head and kept running. His paws were getting cut up by loose rocks on the ground, causing him great pain, but it didn't stop him.


Eric looked back one last time and saw that the cars were closer than ever with more tigers leaning out of the windows with shotguns in hand. When he looked back in front of him he stopped abruptly. A wall was blocking his path. He turned around hoping that the soldiers hadn't caught up to him. It was too late. The cars parked in front of him with head lights blaring, the foot soldiers kneeling with guns outstretched, and a helicopter above with the searchlight directly above him. A lion stepped forward from among the crowd of tigers. His fur was dark and his main was as white as snow. His face was scarred and he wore an eye patch over his left eye.


“You made it pretty far with that case didn't you?” The lion asked, his accent was thick but Eric couldn't quite figure out what kind of accent he had.

The lion started to speak again.

“Look, kid, what are you, like, 15? 16?”

“18” Eric responded briskly.

“Whatever. The point is you're young. You shouldn't be messed up in this kind of shit. Got it? Now hand over the software and we might consider letting you go without any scars or bullet holes!”

Eric just wasn't ready to give up. Eric stood his ground and stared blankly at the broad lion that stood two yards away.

“Fine. But don't say I didn't warn you.” Smirked the lion.

He snapped his fingers. A tiger in a camouflage jumpsuit stepped forward and took a knife from his pocket. The tiger lunged at Eric. Eric pulled his knife from his side and scrapped the tigers paw. The tiger growled and kicked the knife out of Eric's hand and slashed him across the muzzle. Eric stumbled back, hitting his head against the concrete building behind him. Blood flowed from his muzzle. Eric dropped to his knees as his vision became blurry. Two more tigers walked forward with handcuffs. They secured them onto Eric's wrists as the third one ripped the briefcase from Eric’s grasp.


“We move out tonight.” The lion snapped at another tiger “Get this brat ready for transport. We’ll deal with him when we get back.”


Eric tried to keep his eyes open, but the pain was too much to bare. As The two tigers behind him lifted him to his feet, the world went black.  

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A Final Stand

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