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the memories of the war lie at his finger tips behind a glass frame. Her pale face stares back at him as he silently cries. The memories are all he has left now. the memories.. and the photograph.

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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Submitted: July 05, 2016



Photograph - Short Story




The old man sat down on his padded couch and looked down at the black-and-white photograph he held so dearly to his heart. Tears fell down onto the woman’s pale face. Next to her stood a young man, his face strong and bold. But his eyes showed his fear and sorrow. For he was going to war.

That young man was him. Richard. The man who is old now. All that was left was this photograph. This photograph.. and the memories. They came rushing back, flooding into his mind and taking control. He remembered the gun-shots. The angry soldiers who had just left their families. The brutal cries of the men echoing through the battle field. You weren’t allowed to cry in the army. But then again, you can’t fight your tears the way you can fight a man with a gun. You can’t fight love like you can fight the enemy. And you can’t hide your emotions with a cloak. Unless that cloak is painted to be your emotions. To look like them, to sound and feel like them. To mimic them.

When the war was over everyone was sent home. They had won. But at what cost. Years upon years of rivalry, years upon years of being tied down. Years and years away from who they used to be. The soldiers. No matter how identical they all look in their blood-stained uniforms they all have different lives. Different families. Different names. And they all couldn’t wait to get back to them. When the army train pulled into the platform everyone came rushing out. Richard ran all the way home. He took the same route he had taken when going to war.

When he reached what used to be his house he felt his muscles stop. It was ruined. Everything. The house had been bombed all that was left were bricks. Bricks.. And a black-and-white photograph.


K.D. Rich (copyrights reserved!!!)

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