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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Just an Image
A metaphorical way of describing the feelings of a girl. A girl that may just be me.

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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Submitted: July 05, 2016



I am a puppet

Strung to the bone

I have no control

Over whats going on


I am lost in my head

Too far to come out

Don’t try to find me

There’s no way back out


So what if I’m hidden

So what if I’m shy

Whats it to you

If I’m living a lie


I’ve learnt many things

Being a puppet

I’ve learnt pain isn’t what it is

It’s what we make it


So I have no emotions

They call me a freak

I can’t feel true love

They tell me I’m weak


No I’m not scared

I’m simply afraid

I don’t want to fall

From my puppet stage


I’m just a puppet

I can’t feel true love

I hide behind the smile

That someones painted on 


Stop taking the strings

Stop making me move

Don’t you even dare

To tell me what to do


Cut the strings

And set me free

Who are you

To do this to me


Cut the strings

Let me be

I know who you are

Don’t do this to me


I’m not your slave

I’m not your friend

And I’ll never be more

Than just a puppet


I still have feelings

You know I do

This wooden smile

Means nothing to you


My fake, real laugh

My cold yet warm hugs

My unreal face

And my stitched up scars


They make me, me

Yet still I seem fake

Your the main victim

Better watch where you step


The revolution is real

Puppets control

They walk without masters

That we all know


I am a puppet

Without any strings

I can cry, laugh and smile

Whenever I wish

© Copyright 2018 K.D. Rich. All rights reserved.

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