My Little Sister's Demon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Vanishing House

Submitted: July 31, 2016

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Submitted: July 31, 2016



Asami stirred beneath the sheets as she began to regain consciousness. How long had she been out? She felt prodding, as if someone was stabbing her face with a stick… Why was someone stabbing her face with a stick!?

Her eyes widened and she sat straight up in the bed. Pain in her shoulder forced her to it grasp it in an effort to comfort the wound. Her wound had been bandaged and she now wore a clean set of clothing. Looking up, she noticed a woman sitting upon a chair… and holding a stick! It was Asami’s savior. The one who had found her dying in the back alleys and saved her from the would-be-killer. She now wore her long dark hair in a ponytail as she stared at her guest.

The room was rather plain, but clearly well kept. It carried no special ornaments or decorations apart from the green curtains that covered a wall. Her savior stood up and pulled the curtains open, letting in the afternoon light. A clear blue sky and large skyscrapers could be seen outside. How high up were they? Was this her apartment?

“No rain today” she said. “Beautiful weather! I am sorry. Did I wake you? It is not like I was shoving a twig in your face because you had been asleep for several days or anything” she looked back with a grin.

“Several days? I am so sorry. Thank you so much for taking care of me. First you save my life and then you watch after me for several days.”

“I was not really the one watching after you, but you are welcome.”

“Is there any way I can repay your kindness?”

“Hmmm, probably not. But who knows? Maybe I will come calling in the future.”

“Why did he attack me?” Asami asked, but did not truly expect an answer.

“He was a rogue false demon, silly” she replied.

“What are false demons?”

Shock struck the woman’s face. “Wha- you don’t know?” She began to laugh uncomfortably. “Nothing, nothing, never mind” she waved her hand in a dismissive gesture. “Nothing to concern yourself with. My name Elizabeth Setell by the way. It is a pleasure to meet you Nanasaki Asami. You may call me Elly.”

“How do you know my name?” Asami asked as she began to get up from the bed. Unexpectedly, Elly did not try to stop her.

“Will told me! Apparently you two have met.”

“Will? …Setell? Wait… you mean William Setell?”

“Of course silly!”

“Does he live here too?”

“Yep, but not on this floor. Actually, I live on a different floor too.”

Asami walked over to the window and peered out. They were clearly in a very tall structure and this did not even seem to be the top floor. “Does your family own space on two floors?”

“We own eighty floors” she replied nonchalantly.

“Huh!? Eighty?” She began to laugh. “Excuse me that was just a joke correct?”

“No, we own this entire building. This is our house. Have you never heard of Clan Setell?” Elly spread her arms in a grand gesture. “Welcome to House Setell! We are the most powerful in Hana and do not let any Tylinn or Hollow tell you differently. I will drown them in my sea!” She gave Asami a bright and cheerful smile. “You are no burden to us. I am glad to see you doing well. Feel free to roam our lovely home, as long as you do not get into any trouble. Most of us are pretty nice.”

“What are false demons?”

“Heh, do not worry about that.” Elly’s eyes suddenly widened. “Well, well, well, this is amusing. Someone is trying to get inside. An unwelcome guest no less. But not you. You are welcome. Just, stay inside and all shall be okay.”

“What is wrong? Is there danger?” Asami asked concerned.

“Oh not really, but they do appear to be after your life for some reason. I wonder who you are really.”

“Wait, how could you know that!? My life!?

“Any who walks through my barrier gets read.”

“Should we call the police?”

Elly laughed as she walked out the room without another word…


Tamaki approached the enormous building. It carried a commercial look, but according to her information actually housed one of the most powerful clans in Hana, along with many of their vassals. A strange structure. She viewed it so clearly, but it was apparently only seen by those who were actually looking for House Setell. There were also strange rumors that it never remained in a single place for long. Only the most powerful witchcraft could pull that off. This was not going to be easy…

As she approached the entrance, the doors slid open to reveal three men barring her path. She had found no other way to approach this structure, so through the entrance it was. There was no need for words. Tamaki pressed her hand across the pistol that she carried beneath her long coat, but did not draw the weapon. Instead, she whispered a quick enchantment as her opponents did the same. Her hands suddenly became in encased in a green glow and her eyes shined the same. The three men charged, each surrounded by a ghostly blue energy, but she easily maneuvered past their attacks. She could see everything. Tamaki knew every move they would make even before they did. That was her greatest power! Avoiding all attacks and spells cast her way, she lightly touched each man and sent an electric charge into each body that threw their moves off and made the men disoriented. Each man fell to the ground, unable to pursue Tamaki as she made for the entrance in a sprint.

She ran toward the entrance and ran… but something was wrong. The entrance to House Setell was not coming any closer! Was she trapped within a spell already? She pulled the pistol from beneath her coat and fired two shots into the ground. Tamaki approached the first, the second, and the first. Stopping in place, she began to calculate every aspect of the spell which held her. It was one that warped space. But these spells always had weaknesses. Increase vision! The green in her eyes glowed brighter. Sure enough, she was trapped inside a bubble. Increase vision! Her eyes glowed brighter. Behind me! She spun and fired her pistol once, but the bullet struck the bubble’s side. No good! Increase vision! Her eyes glowed even brighter becoming a blinding green. She raised her weapon and began to fire a volley above where she stood. And the bullets struck the area behind her! The illusionary bubble began to crack like glass and shattered, releasing the spell.

The true entrance once again came into sight, but now a lone man stood in her way. The three she had overcome earlier were no longer in sight, just a single man that carried a calm smile. “You surpassed my trap. Very impressive” he said. “That requires true cunning. True inquisitive skills.”

Increase vision! Her eyes shone like a blazing green fire. Search all routes, all opportunities. Discover his weaknesses, how to defeat this opponent. How will he advance based on my actions? She saw it all, and yet… Her eyes lost all shine and were overcome by fear. Tamaki began to take steps back as she readied to flee. I can see no roads to defeating this opponent! H-he is more frightening than Madoka!

“Do you possess foresight?” the man asked. He began to approach the frightened woman as dusk took the sky.

“Who are you?” she shouted. “Stay away from me!”

“I am William Setell. You are a Hollow, am I correct?”

“William Setell” she whispered and her body began to tremble in fear. Tamaki believed this was the end. William Setell was one of the notorious Scythes. He was one of the Rivals. One of the two most powerful individuals in Hana. Quite possibly the most powerful witch in the world! Suddenly her eyes began to glow again. There were still plenty of ways out of this! She had no means of defeating him, but there were plenty of ways to survive this encounter. In fact, he surprisingly seemed to have little interest in ending her life at all. What she must do know is… stand still!?

“So, what does your foresight tell you now?”

“To survive.”

“That is fine” he said as he raised his hand in front of her face. With a snap of his fingers a ringing sounded through her ears and everything seemed different. “You may leave now. Return to Hollow.”

Tamaki walked away uncertainly but eventually vanished. William watched as she disappeared from view and muttered “Yes, return to Hollow. Tic-tic-boom.” He began to return inside House Setell when he stopped in his tracks. Seven ghostly blue spheres appeared that seemed to suck in all energy present. With a glare and a wave of his hand they flew and devastated the surface of a nearby building. Returning to Will, they seemed to circle him in a protective manner. Will and House Setell seemed to warp into space and vanished without a trace.


The crimson haired man laughed excitedly as he and his two golden haired female companions watched House Setell vanish. They stood upon the destroyed roof as the man admired the intense power. “Those spheres of his have always been troublesome. He could only make three when we first battled. That of course was sixteen years ago.”

“He appears to be up to seven” one of the identical women said.

“No… I do not know how many he was wielding at Ordeika, but it was far more than seven.”

“That is scary” the other woman said. “He was spying on me a few days ago.”

“Was that woman from Hollow?” the other asked.

“Probably” the man replied. “Will obviously placed a spell upon her, but she was so eager to get away with her life that she has not yet realized. I hope to see the results.”

“Lord Viktor! You can be so cruel sometimes.”

“Sorry, sorry!” he laughed.

As they began to walk away, one of the sisters stopped and peered down where the structure had stood just a moment ago. Her dark dress and golden hair both blew in the wind. Master William, I do believe you are in pain. You no longer have the smile you once held… 

© Copyright 2020 Sean R Arnold. All rights reserved.


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