Chapter Prologue : Lost Sisters and a Rivalry Forged

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 236

The youth glided across the surface of the sea at a frightening speed. He was a young man of roughly fifteen years. His blood red hair blew through the wind as water sprayed behind his path. The boy’s clothes clung to his pale skin. He did not run upon the water’s surface, but instead seemed to ski the currents as if pulled by an unseen boat. A large clash came from behind and three glowing ghostly blue spheres ripped through the side of the cliff. Upon discovering their target, they pressed forward with their pursuit. But the youth easily evaded these great spheres of energy. He thrust up his hands and the air grew heavy, sending the spheres out of control and crashing in the water.

“The sea is my domain, false demon” another young man’s voice echoed.

“Then come forth, witch” the youth replied with a small smile.

The water began to rise nearby and another youth of about the same age materialized. He carried dark hair, dark eyes, and a darker complexion from the first. Both boys were about the same height, which was probably considered tall, and possessed a thin physique.

With a bright smile on his face, the dark haired youth acknowledged the other. “I have never faced anyone as powerful as you before. None of my mentors are even able to keep pace with me anymore. You are incredible!”

“It is the same here” the red headed boy replied. “You are worthy of being my rival, witch. It is my destiny to slay the First False, but destroying you shall be used as good training.”

“Give it your best shot, false demon! Do not worry. If you fall here, I shall deal with the First False for you!”

“I cannot allow that.”

“Then stop me!” the dark haired youth challenged cheerfully. The three ghostly spheres reemerged at last from the water. He stretched his arms and the irises of his eyes began to glow an ominous purple. “Come, Leviathan!”

In shock, the red haired youth kicked off the surface of the water and flew high into the air. “Come to me, Camazotz!”

At once two terrifying creatures seemed to emerge out of the abyss. One appeared to be an enormous serpent summoned from the depths. The other was a massive bat that now carried the red haired. “Fly for me my servant” he said with in an icy voice.

“Let’s swim together my friend” the dark haired knelt down to the creature beneath.

They flew and fire rained down from the sky. They swam and the sea unleashed its wrath. Witches… false demons… the ancient conflict that most of humanity knew nothing about. Theirs is a very old story. Groups of individuals gifted with incredible talent. Or perhaps it is actually a curse. Their eyes are on power. Always they are seeking power. Always they are chasing after power. Once given a taste, they crave more. They are never satisfied.


In this world, two individuals came forth that carried more power than any others. Sixteen years ago, they first clashed. Sixteen years ago, their rivalry began. Sixteen years ago, they became feared by both false demon and witch. It was as though the world birthed one to contain the other.

Three years ago, the reigning world mahjong champion left the competitive scene. A young woman with a brilliant future walked away from the spotlight and headed east into the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean.

One year ago, the new reigning world mahjong champion and elder sister of the previous, left the competitive scene. She too made her way east into the middle of the Pacific. What did she expect to find? What brought these two sisters to this island nation far from their home? Surely they heard the stories. It is said that all nightmares are born in Hana… 

Submitted: July 05, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Sean R Arnold. All rights reserved.


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