The Melanin Survival

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Prolog (v.2) - Prologue

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No one believed the rumored conspiracies about melanin. Scientists in Africa were able to take the amino acid tyrosine, and manipulate it to withstand immense exposure to both sunlight as well as artic temperatures. It was believed these abilities stood to be the perfect candidate to survive space exploration. The scientific world was anything short of loquacious as to possibilities as well as concerns for Mankind’s survival. A few articles were released, but the public did not buy in to this unlike their government leaders, specifically governments whose majority lacked melanin. Talks spanned from African borders to the Middle East – including Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan – reaching the leader of China about conjoining their space programs upon completion of the testing phase. This caused the paler countries to leap in to action; holding a secret conference in Switzerland at Chillon Castle by a group that would come to be known as The Council.

It was at this historic site that numerous topics were discussed, one being overpopulation. The individuals agreed current methods were moving sluggishly despite statistics proving their effectiveness. In addition, the masses were beginning to wake up and research things for themselves despite the skepticism of the melanin’s potentiality. People were moving off the grid, building their own communities, and producing the tools and goods needed for survival. Televisions were becoming a thing of the past, seriously impacting the brainwashing program by way of nervous system manipulation via electromagnetic fields emitting from technological devices. Another area beginning to suffer was the food industry. Genetically modified food-like products were being shunned for healthier, organic sustenance. Children were pulled from schools, their parents deciding to educate their own rather the reformed education system now deemed a twelve-year factory producing mindless wage slaves. People slowly came to realize the sickness they were trying so hard to avoid was being administered by their own governments. Worldwide, people were investing in lessons and medicines of ancient cultures spawning from countries within Africa as well as other Indigenous groups throughout the continents of Asia, Australia, and North and South America. The question desperately needing an answer stemmed from the incessant need to maintain control. Mother Earth was showing signs of barrenness putting Mankind at a disadvantage – the natural resources heavily relied on depleting faster than the planet’s ability to produce more. This led to the discussion of the melanin discovery in Africa.

Money was no issue when it came to building vessels that could travel into space. The problem posed was how The Council would be able to withstand what the discovery showed in their own bodies. It was this question that gave birth to The Savior’s Preemptive Influence. Said objective would break the land of the world in to seven regions controlled by one of the seven members of The Council. These areas would undergo a genocidal extermination of people of color as this was believed to solve the overpopulation issue being that non-white races outnumbered their pale counterparts when conglomerated on a worldwide scale. Reformatories would be constructed to house these colorful prisoners until certain death was upon them. A propaganda campaign was to be launched demonizing these individuals thus spawning the Mela Chasers. Militarized police whose main objective was to track and kill anyone who was not Caucasian. An addendum was included in this campaign calling for the excessive criticism of the scientists who made the melanin discovery – the intention being to shun non-whites from researching further. The Council left Chillon Castle upon agreeing to the terms of this pact. A few months later, The Savior’s Preemptive Influence went in to effect.

Mela Chaser bases sprouted up like weeds. Within a span of six years, a frightening seventy-three percent of people of color had been wiped out leaving the Earth an almost colorless world. Most of the mass genocide did not take place in the prologue rather it was spread out amongst the chapters. It was accepted with ease that non-whites were sick because of an evolving plague in their melanin growing deadlier with each generation thus they were quarantined to camps. Media around the world said the rise in deaths was due to the lack of a cure that would drain the melanin entirely. Oddly enough, those on The Council’s payroll followed the work of the African scientists, and had discovered a way to extract melanin from its host without damaging its anatomical makeup, transferring it to a melanin-deficient individual. Unfortunately, the unearthing of this came at a time proving to be too late. Abandoned metropolises were reclaimed by vegetation, the wildlife slowly infiltrating from the woodlands. Nature’s revolt made it easier for non-whites to hide from their captors as all were forced to learn how to survive without the many handicaps technology provided over the centuries. From a historical perspective, human evolution was literally walking backwards. Even The Council was forced to adjust to Earth’s overpowering of Man’s creations, and quickly shifted their focus. Mela Chasers were just shy of being on duty twenty-four hours on a regular basis as the need to find people of color had become a necessity for the human race’s survival. Incentives were promised in the form of seeds, tools to build housing, and sometimes actual food to motivate the chasers to stay the course.

A theory had been conceptualized stating humans had less than three score and fifteen before Mankind would go extinct unless another Earth-like planet was colonized post haste. The Council withheld the news of vessels waiting to soar into space large enough to house people by the thousands. These ships were the length of skyscrapers with food and water stored in them to last several lifetimes. The Council really built these vehicles for their own survival, but thought it best to allow some of the masses to depart with them – a last ditch effort to defuse panic if not riots. Hope still existed in regards to the remaining populace’s ability to be domesticated. The carrot to be dangled in front of the people was a promise – a saving grace – to be announced any day now. This assurance was what the higher-ups needed to buy them time until the rabbit hole of the melanin discovery reached its end. 

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