Impossible Love

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sad depressing story. an understanding of heartache tragedy. everyone should know

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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Submitted: July 05, 2016



Impossible Love

By: Rafael F. Castro


The Beauty I see in her Eyes,

As they are Locked to mine.

Anxiety raising constantly,

Every single time

I hear her heart beating

Calling for my Love

With her Beautiful Smile,

Sweeter than chocolate Dove.

Soul mourning for affection,

Regardless of the Rich or Poor.

Two Hearts beating as one.

‘Till the end forevermore.

It came by so Slow,

but ended too Fast.

Let confusion and rumors take control,

But won’t forget the Past

Tears run out your Eyes,

With 18 Candles Burning.

Leave a Trail of Sadness out the door.

Have many heads turning.

You seem to be afraid of the Truth.

So you Intend to believe Lies.

Even when I told you I Loved You,

Emotionally a Thousand Times.

Truth is Important,

Rather than Lies.

But She’s afraid to Love

I see it in her eyes.

I showed he Loyalty

I showed her Respect.

If I showed Her My Heart

What would be the Price for Her to Protect.

There are many Flowers,

But I intend to give You a Rose.

Not just because you’re One Of a Kind,

But what My Heart and Soul chose.

Even when You Smile,

It’s a blessing.

With Money, Job, and Success

You’re the one I’m missing.

Even the Dream I had of You that Night,

May be a Fantasy.

But overtime,

Sipping my Wine to the Bottom of the Glass

Staring towards the Moon, wishing on a Star

Wishing You’d come to Me

But seem to be Far.

Ever since You were Gone,

My Heart Shattered to pieces.

Begging the Lord to hear Your Voice again

My Memories of You are Repeats.

Reminder of Love being so painful

Death may be a Solution.

But my Faith becomes Very Strong

To see You Again

My Love was so Strong to Know

Which comes Once in a Lifetime, which is True.

But the Difference between Me and You

Is that I Admitted I Loved You

You played me like a fool

Savaged my Heart

Would have done anything

For us Not to be apart.

But what would You do

If time came to.

When I take my Last Breath

Telling you I Love You.

Would you hold my hand and Honor me.

Or would you push me away

Even when I offered my Love to you,

Every Single Day.

I Promised I would give You my Heart

Relentlessly Night and Day.

But when I Pass away Tonight

You will Mourn for my Love every one of these days.

All I asked is for Your Love and Affection

To resist My Death a Decision.

I tried to give You my Heart,

But you blew it in the Wind.

But watch when God takes me Away

All the way Up to Heaven.

You Learned that you Lied to Me and Yourself

Only when it’s Too Late in the End

But now You Will Know

and others Will see.

Maybe it’s Life telling us,

It was Never Meant To Be.

Maybe the Right ones,

But the Wrong time

But I’d Rather not wait,

Standing in line.

But as Soon as I Die Tonight,

Our Souls Will begin to Cry

Suffer from Tragic Heartache Pain from a Selfish Young Lady

But will Understand why.

And when it’s Time

Everyone will remember my Name.

For the Impossible Love that Resulted for my Death

Sadly You’ll be The One to blame.

© Copyright 2018 Rafael. All rights reserved.

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