Serial Killer

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this is originally and idea that was pitched my way. it's supposed to be made into a short film, but I also wanted to post it to see wether I should make some changes. Hope you enjoy

Submitted: July 05, 2016

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Submitted: July 05, 2016



On the TV, breaking news come on advising people to stay in their homes at night and avoid forest áreas as there is a serial killer on the loose who targets people in secluded parts of forests and streets. A handsome, nerdy looking young man stares at the TV for a few seconds and shuts it off. He’s getting ready to go out biking along a special route that he knows. He gets there a little late than he expected so he’s hurrying to start biking, as he’s signing the papers to rent a bike, the lady managing the office started to comment about the serial killer and how a few of the victims had been around that very area. While the lady keeps talking, a beautiful young woman enters the shop. She stares at the young man as he’s leaving and moves to rent a bike herself. The man begins to ride his bike as she follows closely by behind him. At one point, he gets tired and stops, she’s surprised by his sudden stop, her bike trips and she falls to the ground, scraping her knees. He goes over to help her, but she seems distant, as if her eyes weren’t even seeing what was in front of her. In her head, she was having some kind of vision where she was on her knees with blood all over her hands. After a while, she comes back to, scared and confused. He decided that it was better to take her back, only to realize that they were both lost. They walk around for a while and she tells him about what she saw. Sometimes she begins to tremble and her expression changes to a cold one, every time that would happen, she remembered something horrible. The second vision she had was her standing over a dead body, but this time it felt more like a memory locked away in the deepest part of her mind. She didn’t know what it meant or what was going on, but she did know that she was craving for blood. He asks her what changed that day, what happened for her to start having those sudden visions. She didn’t know, it already happened a few times that month where she’d start remembering things and suddenly black out, waking up in different parts of town and in the deep forest. Every time it happened, she remembered a little bit more of what was happening. They keep walking and another chill runs through her body, a third memory was coming to her of two people running towards a forest and her following them. She falls to her knees, screaming as she remembers more. Those two people were her parents. Her mom was running away as the dad followed her with a knife. All the while screaming. The young man carries her and begins to run, screaming for help, but it only seemed like they were getting more and more lost. He then falls and she hits her head. In that moment, she remembered everything. How she followed her parents into a forest where her dad butchered her mom. How she stood over her mom’s dead body crying and trying to pick her up only to stain her hands with blood. How she’d black out and start going around town looking for the forest so she could go in looking for her mom’s dead body. Recently, her dad died and that death started to bring back memories of her childhood. She was traumatized her whole life, the need to see the light go out of other people’s eyes was unbearable as more time passed. She wakes with a cold, heartless stare that penetrated the soul. The need to watch the life leave a body was overcoming her senses, the bloodlust was taking over her body and she began to move towards him. When she finally gets close enough to him, she falls to the ground with a knife stuck in her stomach. As she looks up, she sees the serial killer claiming another victim with that same heartless expression in his face as she had, only he was smiling.

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