Mister A

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Mister A, a sinister villain, is dangerous.

Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Uugh the Neanderthal’s survival depended on the finding food and shelter most of the time. Because he had a female and his offspring with him he felt the need to not only protect them but to also provide for them. But he was choosy, gathering berries and firewood was left mostly to the female and his offspring. After all menial wasn’t for him, he was the hunter and the chest-beating protector and he wasn’t about to allow any other male to have access to his female! When he was threatened, Uugh had two responses, either to fight or to run off. Survival of his family unit was based on the choices he made. They were reflex actions.

The Uugh’s of his era passed on and nothing much mattered other than the beauty of the cave drawings that were among the first forms of art for modern man to marvel at.

With the magic of evolution, the tricks of nature together a growing awareness, mankind developed with the same basic needs of our good friend Uugh. But the environment gradually changed and there was population growth. There were not enough caves to go around and the food gathering became difficult because of the ‘early bird catches the worm’ syndrome! It was much the same for the hunters, they had to travel further and further away because the game became scarce and the hunters began to worry. ‘What’s going on with my female while I’m away hunting?’

Mister A, the super villain had arrived!

It was quickly established that anarchy didn’t work, people going off willy-nilly to do whatever took their fancy just couldn’t be condoned, so somebody said, ‘We must all pull in the same direction!’ How else was Stonehenge built?

People began to live in villages and of course in every village there has to be a boss! Bosses did not become bosses because of their brains, more likely they came bosses because of their brawn. There were those who could beat all comers or simply ‘do away’ with the opposition, and there were bosses who used others do the dirty work on their behalf. Henchmen they were, who received some sort of gratification by sucking up to the boss.

Mister A became like a maggot, worming its way into the tastiest morsels, on three fronts! The boss had to be on his toes and looking over his shoulder in case there was a usurper, he had to be always on his guard. The henchmen also felt the pressure to remain the boss’s good books! It was easy to fall out with the boss because henchmen tend to lack initiative (loosely referred to as grey matter) and sometimes misunderstand the boss’s instructions!  Besides, while the henchmen may have been despised by the populace, there are always those who would take their place. Being close to power is euphoric for some!

The populace are not immune from Mister A’s power either, they are the third front! The boss wasn’t there to be an arm-waving benefactor for the good of the people, no, no he wants his slice of the pie! The slice is required whether or not the populace can afford it, and the henchmen see to it that he gets it! Pleasing the boss and his henchmen as well securing provisions for the off-season is all grist to the mill for the increasingly busy Mister A!

Right through history Mister A continued to reap a rich harvest because the scenario was the same except there became many more layers, bigger, more powerful bosses and henchmen to boot! The populace were not only trying to please the bosses and their henchmen, within all those layers but they increasingly invited Mister A into their everyday lives! The community groups that developed had to have leaders who had their henchmen or minions and everyone had to work hard to please everyone else. So everyone ended up looking over their shoulders concerned what other may think and suspicious! Wealth and possessions became the measure of respect, but the downside of wealth and possessions is the need for security, and that surely made Mister A rub his hands with glee.

It’s no different today, Mister A is working overtime and happy in his work! The layers of bosses and henchmen or minions has increased exponentially. Simply put, doesn’t everyone dread the line, ‘I’m from the council and here to help you.’? It’s enough that slipping outside compliance and the taxman’s grasp brings the magistrate’s gravel down heavily, but avoidance of those things also has Mister A clapping in encouragement.

The modern populace, society, if you like is what causes the super villain Mister A to prosper and indeed, balloon! Society is the prey of the media and especially this new-fangled social media where everyone is supposed, according to advertising and societal rules, fit into neat little boxes. There is body shape, body odour, breath odour to be concerned about for starters, then what about the clothes? Everything has to be just right, not only in the eyes of the individual but also in the eyes of the individual’s fellows. Most especially in their eyes because Mister A encourages bullies! There is much more to add to the list, everyone can rattle them off, all allow Mister A to revel in his seventh heaven!

Mister A of course is anxiety which flows freely through all of society at unfathomable cost. Anxiety is a social disease, maybe even an epidemic and the usual response to it is aggression, another negative emotion.

But hey, the answer is in our hands, a little kindness - a word, a deed - will go a long way to give Mister A the boot!



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