Cycle: John and world around. # 1 – I ate my relative

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Short story (from the cycle: John and world around) for you about you.

Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Cycle: John and world around.


# 1 – I ate my relative 


John was coming near one hour through the dusty streets. The wind blowing with gusts would be invite to play with him. But no one wanted to play. All of hurried for their busy. Woman, who walked before me, looked pretty, like kind enchantress from fairy tales, which my mother had told me before I went asleep in childhood. But something took my attention in her. She carried a small packages with beef and vegetables. I imagined that it was ingredients to cooking some delicious meal. Like sauce, which preparing from pieces of beef, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables. Spices can give to this meal so wonderful taste which can be only in the best restaurants.

Only when John was small he ate this food. His grandmother prepared it. At that time he did not understand how wonderful and tasty it was. Only after his grandma died he understood that maybe he has never more tasting this meal. No one restaurant can prepare this dish in so manner. John also can prepare different meal. He even can prepare sauce. But it taste differ. John liked prepare meal for himself, his wife, children. He remembered how at last Sunday he prepared pork. He bought several pieces of pork Saturday in the evening at the market place. He was choosing it several minutes, sniffing up smell of every piece of pork. He knew how to differ best meat through the smell and color. 

At home he salted meat and added spices. In the morning he fried it. It were juicy and soft with notes spices and black pepper pieces of soft meat. He cut off piece for piece, dipped it into tomato source and put into his mouth. Piece was giving away his taste during some time. This and other pieces vanished in the mouth was filling body proteins and energy. But…

Once, John heard one opinion that all living beings after death is being born again but in other substance, not only in human body. Insects, birds, plants, even animals. Every person can be animal in his future life. “But what will happen if you meet your relative in animal likeness” – thought John. Yes. You can even do not understand first time that before you your relative. And even relative can understand nothing what is happening. Maybe for him it is like a napping world, like a task in difficult computer game. If he finish this game, achieve it goal, make all of what he should, he will go to the next level. Maybe.

But can be so, that sometimes you can eat flesh of your relatives. It is disgusting. But if you do not know about it, you are getting pleasure eating your relatives. Yes. But only when you do not know about or if you are not thinking about at eating moment, it is not problem. But when after good meal you suddenly understand that you ate your relative, how will you be feeling yourself? You will be feeling sadness, happiness, disgust or maybe you do not believe to this rubbish. But in any case, if you can imagine this situation, you can understanding what you will be able to feel. But do not say no one person about what you will be able feeling in this case. Your understanding situation can be different. It can spoiling relationship with your friends, colleagues, relatives (who are living yet).

John was walking and thinking about it. Why is it so serious for him? Because, it can help understanding who you are, what can you do and how do you are linked with other people? Is it really serious for understanding? No. All depends from particular person. But imagine once again you are eating mouth-watering delicious piece of your relative (part of leg or arm)? 

John stopped. “But if my relative can be part of my meal and especially I should eat him. Maybe it part of global creation, part of my and his path, which we should pass together.” – thought John. But what will happen if you knew or do not knew that you can eat your relative? Which will happen if you will eat or will refuse to eat him? How can it change your own path? It is really interesting and difficult question. John was standing a little bit, like if some strength hold him at one place, made a deep breath and hurried to home.

“But how tasty was this piece of meat at last Sunday” – thought John. “At this weekend also need to cook something.”


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