Cycle: John and world around. # 2 – Talkative plant

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Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Cycle: John and world around.


# 2 – Talkative plant


Looking, like a small fireplace through their red flowers, begonia was spreading out his big green leaves trying to invade more area around. But it was impossible. Flower pot did not allow achieve other pots, like guard preventing her from escape. But begonia was growing and did not remain his efforts to achieve this goal. From side it looked like plant growing rapidly and luxuriantly. But John knew truth.

It was brought by friend who came to celebrate John's birthday. It was brought instead bouquet of flowers. John did not like cut flowers. Cut flowers look, like something dying. For John it looked like if someone wanted to gift you nice small dog or cat, cut off them legs, wrapped them in color paper and brought for you as a present. It sounds and looks terribly. John supposed that flowers also should be living. Pot with young begonia was stand to the windowsill along the other pots with plants. There were aloe, money tree, avon and several other plants.

The present day was finished and John paied attention at new resident. Begonia was middle size. Flower pot was little big for her. “Maybe it is young plant” – thought John. The plant was covered plenty bright red flowers. Flowers looked like small bewitched twinkles surrounding throughout green leaves. There were also a lot of buds. They were waiting his time. John poured abundantly ground and abandoned begonia without attention on several days. 

Couple of days passed. At bright sunny morning John came to Lisy, how affectionately he titled begonia, and saw that her leaves became dry and wonderful flowers was became flaccid. It was very strange. The ground inside pot was wet, the sun shined gently, like if it was afraid to damage Lisy's flowers. “What have happened, dear?” – asked John. Lisy did not answer. John took his documents and went for a work.

After a working day I saw that Lisy took away all leaves and flowers from one side of pot and leaned to another side. All this looked like if she was saying: "I do not like this place". She was showing her dissatisfaction neighborhood with aloe, which slightly shaded her from the sun during daytime. I went to Lisy and began explain that if she want I can change her location. After that I replace aloe and made more empty space around begonia. Couple of days passed yet. Lisy again  looked unusual. Her leaves became more healthy, flowers was opened as much as they can, the new buds was ready to opening. All looked like Lisy get pleasure from displacement her competitor.

Several days passed and story was repeated. In this case Lisy took away all leaves and flowers from one side, where other plant grew peaceful in the pot (opposite side where was aloe) and leaned to another side. I came to her and asked her again what did happen and what is disturb her? I supposed that neighborhood with other plant was a cause of her behavior. I changed her neighbor again and went for a work.

That situations repeated several time. Once, after a work, when I was tired and angry for all world around I saw that Lily looked the same as usual (asking to change her neighbor). I was tired and felt myself like Prejevalsky’s horse, which  died out from a hard work, as I supposed. I came to Lisy and began my monologue. I told her how I am tired today, how bad to be so unfriendly with surrounding and if she will not change her attitude for neighbors I will ought to put her alone in another room at the North part of apartment. Lisy did not answer. But I could give the oath that she listened and understood me. 

The next day I went to work even do not come to her. In the evening I saw changes. Lisy spread out her leaves and flowers. She begun look better, and a little bit, as I suppose, with some regret about her behavior. Since that time we stood a best friends. I was speaking a lot of with her. And I am sure that she listened and understand me. I was asked her when I saw that something was wrong with her and always found problem and decision. I  was speaking with her and telling everything about my working day and my problems. Sometimes I heard her answers. Our relationship and link became stronger. Even my wife said me, like a joke, that she was jealous me to this plant.

Every year, before my birthday Lisy blossomed so wonderful flowers, which looked like piece of flame on the green carpet from her leaves. It occurred every time. We were speaking frequently about different things after my work. I was supposed that she answered me and even I supposed that I heard her. She have became my close friend. But she sometimes a little bit more talkative then should, like other pretty females around us. Lisy, Lisy… 

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