Blessed Curse

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Javier introduces himself to Dakota, as told by Dakota himself

Chapter 3 (v.1) - First Impressions

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



This guy she calls Javier, is carrying a bookbag and about three books in his hand. The outfit definitely matches; I never met someone who actually walks around in khakis and a button up. Looks like everyone in this family thinks their perfect.


“Hey baby, would you come here please?”


He looks at me confused, hugging his mother, she clearly whispers something to him. “Hey Dakota, what’s up?”


She looks at the two of us taking a deep breath she said, “I’m going to leave you two to chat. I’m going to finish with everything in the kitchen and head up stairs. Oh, we are having stuffed peppers today.”


“Papa cooked? Wow, what’s the big surprise?”


As soon as the question leaves his mouth Mia’s eyes dart over to me, then she pats his shoulder and leaves the room.


Let’s see how easy the patsy is to upset.


“If I had any doubts that this house was full of rich preppy nerds, you have cleared them up.”


“And if I had any doubts in my parents judge of character, you have definitely cemented them.”


Oh, so he’s got backbone. This should be fun.


“Listen, I’ll ignore the fact that you're wearing sweatpants in the summer and a tank top that’s at least two sizes too big. If you ignore my khakis and button up.”


“Why are you wearing plaid? Pink and blue plaid at that.”


“I like it. Just as you obviously like $300 gyms shoes with $10 shirts. I don’t question you, you don’t question me.”


“Aight. So what do you want? To warn me about behaving and not to ruin your house?”


“No. This isn’t even my house. I live in an apartment ten minutes from here.” Walking across the room he closes the blinds and pull a chair to him.


“If you don’t live here, then why are you here? And umm… why did you move so close to them?” Who would voluntarily come back to their parents house. And why is he spending so much time just staring at me. I cross the room and open the blinds, the way I want them.


“I’m here because this is my parents house and I needed something that’s here. I closed them because I’m hot, and the sun wasn’t making it any better.”


I guess the sun really is making him hot because after three minutes of us just sitting in silence, feeling each other out, he unbuttons his shirt and put it on the back of the chair.


It’s then I noticed just how many scars he really has, and the shear amount of marks that’s covering his hands and arms. The one that confused me the most was a raised scar that ran from right underneath his ear down to his collar. That definitely wasn’t an accident.


Javier raised his eyebrow and smirked. Shit he caught me. Wait, did he do that on purpose? Was that supposed to freak me out? He stands and pats me on the shoulder, grabbing his keys off the table.


“Hey ma, I’m going back to my apartment to pick up this book I got for dad! I’ll be back in time brunch!” He yells up the stairs to Mia


“Okay, bye love! But could you pick up V on the way back she’s at Catherine’s house!”


“Yeah sure no problem. Love you!”


“Love you too, but Javi, stop yelling in the house!”


He chuckles, “Sure thing, mom.”


With that he turn to put his jacket on and walk out, but I have a question first.


“Ehh, who’s ‘V’ and what the hell is a brunch?”


“Brunch is the meal that we are going to have today at 11 o’clock, and V is my little sister, Vianna, she’s the youngest.”


“Wait how many of you is there?”


“You’ll see in a hour, won’t you? See you later Dakota.”


Just as he was about to walk out he turns around with a goofy smile on his face, “Welcome to the family.”


With that he left. Where in the world am I? How am I supposed to live here when I can’t even figure out what is wrong with these people? I have never met a happier bunch of people in my life and to be honest, it’s freaky. And what does he mean welcome to his family? I’m not part of the web of lies they tell the world to make them seem like the perfect family.


It’s then I realize it’s been a minute since cleaned my cut, so I go into the kitchen, mentally preparing for this brunch with the Harrison Brady Bunch.


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