Blessed Curse

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Let's take a moment and meet someone outside of the family, someone from Dakota's old life. Step into Dakota's mind with me one more time.

Chapter 4 (v.1) - Markos

Submitted: July 14, 2016

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Submitted: July 14, 2016



After ten minutes of sitting’ on the couch feeling like I was inside a damn hallmark card, I end up in the backyard, thinking. Thinking about how these people can possibly be this oblivious to the real world. The most important thing going on in there life is planning their little Sunday brunch. Trying to figure out how to get the hell out of here, I decide to call Markos.



Markos answers after two rings. Wit’ the music in the back Markos is practically yelling into the phone,


“Dakota!! Hey man what happened to you? Where you at?” Markos asks as soon as he answers the phone. All good questions seeing as we usually see each other every day, and Markos haven’t seen or heard from me in two weeks.


“Harrison.” I reply dryly. This makes Markos laugh into the phone.


“What you doin' out there?”

“Trying to get the hell out of here? You got me?”


“Yeah man, I gotchu. Just give me a couple hours to finish up here, then I’ll scoop up Jase, and Allie. We’ll come out there and get you.”


“Aight cool. I still got to figure out how to ditch this place, cause I gotta feeling they won’t let me just walk out the door.”


“Oh wait. Did that teacher seriously turn yo pops in? You wit’ some foster family or something.”




“Oh that sucks. Look, I gotta get back. I’ll text you later to see where you at.”


“Cool.” As an afterthought, “Aye Markos, bring some Goose wit you.


Again he laughs, “I said I gotchu.” With that he hangs up.


“Great now I just have to figure out how to escape the Brady bunch Simple.” I think dryly, walkin’ round the backyard.


I got it. I don’t have to do anything.



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