The Renegade Chronicles

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Prolog (v.1) - The Battle of Three

Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Leyte, 15th century

The three datus were alarmed by a small glowing orb just above their ancient pagan altar. With little knowledge about this rare phenomenon, confusion started to haunt their minds. Suddenly, the whole scene was even more intensified when the ground shook tremendously as the orb started to grow larger and larger. Moments later, the light perished instantly and revealed a fair skinned lady with blue eyes and a pink juicy lips.

"Who are you?" Dumaghoy shivered with fear.

"I am Kadugan." She replied softly with a smile. "I bring good tidings to your motherland."

"What is it?" Patnok glowered at her with his emerald eyes.

"I am here to give you three a gift from the heavens." She replied as she stretched her soft pale arms.

Suddenly, three yellowish orbs rapidly came out of the lady's fingertips and smashed on each of the datus' foreheads. Surprisingly, the impact did not hurt at all! Instead, the orbs attached themselves to their foreheads and were gently absorbed by their bodies. With the continuous glow of the said orbs even under their skins, they looked at each other, entirely speechless on what was happening.

"Now, look at your hands and see the power within you!" The lady broke the silence as the light from their foreheads started to fade.

At the moment they followed what she said, only then they started to realize that their hands glowed with three different colors. A few seconds later, they started to feel that the powers within them crawled into their veins. In each body part, a tingling but relaxing sensation was experienced. As the time went by, the more they had felt the innateness of their powers. Mastery was surprisingly made possible at that exact moment.

After a few minutes, the process was complete. They had morphed into the powerful and invincible leaders the tribe did not expect to happen even beyond their wildest dreams. Dumaghoy got the power of force field. Pantok got the power of lightning while Simatuha got the power of telekinesis.

"From now on, all your children and the clan that they will be making will also be gifted with the same ability as you have." She promised with a gentle smile.

With his hands glowing a light blue color, Simatuha immediately bowed in front of Kadugan with the words: "Thank you, my lady."

"But wait." She slowly shook her head. "It does not end there. I give you a bigger offer. Whoever keeps my heart shall be an immortal being together with his ancestors and his whole clan. Plus, they will have the chance to rule the world for all eternity."

"What are you talking about?" Dumaghoy asked as he tried to touch the lady with his red glowing hands.

Unfortunately, he asked the question too late and the lady dissolved into a million fireflies! But something unexpected remained floating in front of their presence... Completely speechless, their eyes adored this bluish heart shaped gem which had excreted a reddish glow from its inside.  Majestic as it was, but no one had expected it to be the cause of something chaotic.

"Everyone knows that my bloodline is the only one deserving of that power and immortality." Dumaghoy suddenly destroyed the silence.

"Dumaghoy, what are you talking about?" Simatuha looked at him worriedly.

"Stop being a dumb creature, Simatuha. You know what I mean." Dumaghoy hissed.

"Dumaghoy, I can't believe you changed ever since Kadugan had showed up." Patnok widened his eyes as he closed his green glowing fists. "Your pride had fully swallowed you."

"I don't care, Patnok!" Dumaghoy exclaimed. "I don’t need your hypocritical speeches! I want to rise the superiority of my whole bloodline! It will be a great joy to see ourselves high above the others with an eternity to rule everybody... Take note of this... I am ready to kill the two of you just to get that goal.”

In an instant, Patnok's face got extremely troubled. He felt his inner soul that was once filled with a scripted compassion and humility instantly overwhelmed with hate and egotism. He tried to stay calm, but deep inside, his desire to get the gem and kill Dumaghoy had intensely increased.

"Dumaghoy, let us stop this." Simatuha laughed sarcastically. "This is ridiculous!"

"Apparently, it is not." Dumaghoy spoke as he rapidly grabbed the bluish heart shaped gem with his hands and made a run for it.

"Dumaghoy is right." Patnok murmured. "Power and immortality is more powerful than our own friendship. There is no more need for myself to act as that ‘good guy’ everyone thinks. It’s time to reveal the real me and it starts with showing it to the both of you."

In an instant, Simatuha glowered at him, completely shocked of what he had just said. A sense of anxiety swiftly had stabbed his pure soul. Then, he shook his pale head and said: "Patnok--"

"Sorry, Simatuha. This is a bloody competition we all have to face. From now on, I renounce our friendship! Continue to stay weak, Simatuha. After all, you are the one that is good at it.” Patnok interrupted as he rapidly chased Dumaghoy.

Simatuha, was left by himself as he started to ponder that miserable situation in his heart. Due to this unfavorable situation, anger started to overwhelm his whole being. With this strong flow of emotion, it triggered his immense power. Large chunks of rocks started to float around him.

Then, he shouted: "I never wanted this conflict, but you left me no choice! I will unleash a wrath that no one had ever seen before. No more friendship will be seen... I will reign in the end! I will be victorious!"

Seconds later, driven with nothing but pure anger, Simatuha started to run for the gem.

Years passed by, one after another, the three datus had died due to the old age. Despite of this, the battle had not ended but just had gone from bad to worse when their off springs continued the legacy and fought for this gem they soon all called as the crystallized heart. Their population started to multiply and migrated to all the provinces in the Philippines, each of the clan fighting against another clan when given the chance to meet on the way.

Tacloban City, September 21, 1741

Change was born as Dumaghoy's descendants officially called themselves as the Marias. Then, it was followed by Pantok's descendants which officially called themselves as the Concepcions and lastly was followed by Simatuha's descendants which officially named themselves as the Rosarios.

Palo, Leyte, January 27, 1812

The night blazed as the mighty Concepcions attacked the wooden made base of the Rosarios in whom they had thought to be place where the crystallized heart was hidden for centuries. Blue colored flags started to fall from the ground and slowly was eaten by the fire.

After hours of battle and destruction, Antonio, the leader of the Concepcion Army narrowed his eyes and shouted: "Continue to attack their base until no one is left from that dumb Rosarios!"

"Antonio, we don't need to attack them any longer. I finally have it here!" Marcela beamed as she raised the crystallized heart that was on her hands.

Cebu City, November 9, 1813

The years of studying the crystallized heart in a dark dusty room had finally abated as Andres Buenavista, a Concepcion threw the ancient scrolls and held the crystallized heart with the words: "I got it! It all makes sense! The power of immortality would be at hand 600 years after its existence was known! It is stated in these ancient scrolls that before Kadugan left the three datus, she repeated the words: 'Remember this year.' six hundred times in a row! This is amazing! What is best for now is to keep this crystallized heart from the other clans and I know where we should hide it."

Cebu City, August 24, 1945

At that rainy night, the underground base of the Concepcions trembled as the Marias bravely charged with a thousand men. Blasts from the force fields was heard even from afar and the red dominated Maria banners were placed in some parts around the targeted base to announce supremacy.

After thirty minutes, General Catalino, the head of the Marias shouted: "Try to check all the passages in that underground base of the Concepcions! I am sure that it is here!"

As he looked on his right, he saw a cadet ran towards him.

The young cadet stopped beside him and panted. Then, he said: "General Catalino, one of the cadets finally grabbed the crystallized heart from them."

"Good!" General Catalino smirked with his hands crossed on his chest. "Bring it to me immediately."


The contemporary is about to be written. Chaos is still brought by their youngest generations. No one knows what is going to happen next. Who will get the power? What clan will it be?


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