Growing Up

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Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Bouncing around from home to home,

if you wanna consider that a “home”.

Working day to day;

Studying at night. 

Going to the corner store every night,

in hopes of some cheap food that tastes all right.

At age sixteen, 

never would of foreseen.

As if my dad cheating on my mom wasn’t enough,

one mistake by my dad causing everything to fall apart.

Started with not being able to buy food, then pay for bills.

To getting our car taken away, then our house.

The house I grew up in, that I will never see again.

Did he know? Did he just not care?

Leaving us just like that.

Although things were incredibly tough, I survived.

“We will get through this.” my mother would say.

I write this to share my story,

Not for pity but to show my pride.

During the days I did not wish to survive,

I struggled to strive.

Not wanting to tell anyone because of the embarrassment;

not even a therapist,

Knowing how people can be arrogant.

Until one day, a counselor, someone I didn’t even know,

Found me, cared for me, listened to me.

That’s all anyone really needs, for someone to listen. 

Was not until then,

that I realized things were just temporary.

That things would get better.

So I ask you, if you are going through something,

share your story. Inspire someone.

Do not sit around and pity yourself, make a difference.

Show the world what you are capable of and do not for one second believe you are insignificant.

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Growing Up

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