'Banjo Tommy'

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i was bored okay!
if anyone cares, the song (it'll make sense after reading) is "tommy's holiday camp" by the who.
all credit for this story goes to the song. seriously. listen to it alone. at midnight. in the dark.
anyway, enjoy!

Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



Auntie Linda always gives the best presents. She works as a mechanic at Disneyland and they let her buy old models cheaply when they aren't wanted anymore. 

 For my next birthday, she's going to give me an ancient puppet. Apparently, it's almost fifty years old! She's keeping it hidden in a cupboard until my birthday but I'm staying with her til tomorrow so I'm going to take a peek when she's asleep.


 She wasn't kidding. This thing is old. It's pretty cool though: a skinny wooden model with a smile carved into his face and tiny guitar with only two strings.

I locate the switch underneath a pile of dust. Above the button it says, 'Banjo Tommy'. 

The second I turn it on, Tommy starts playing his banjo. Sorta. He's just waving his hand above the strings. The music's coming from the box he's sitting on. I can't find the volume switch. He's gonna wake up Auntie Linda. 

 I try to turn him back off, but Tommy keeps singing. He's not all that good. He's too high pitched and the notes he's trying to reach don't fit with the banjo, which I think is out of tune. He turns slowly to look at me, and I admire the durable mechanisms of the sixties. His wooden mouth opens and closes in time with the words and his twig-like fingers are flying over the four strings. 

 I let him finish his song and creep back to bed.


"Did you peek at your birthday present?" Auntie Linda asks over breakfast.

 I freeze. "Maybe."

She sighs and says, "You shouldn't have bothered. I haven't got him working yet."

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