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Submitted: July 06, 2016

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Submitted: July 06, 2016



The smell of grass on my nostrils, buttercups brightening up the day despite the ferocious dark clouds approaching to destroy this place of tranquility, beauty and isolation. Here I am content, happy, with no distractions,
Television and internet free, worry free from rent, bills, work , all the pressures of my everyday existence.The buzzing of the bees and the chirping of the birds is steadily declining to no more than a distant whisper. They are so close yet sound like they are in some distant universe.
I feel I belonhere I feel like I have something to offer. This place makes me feel like it wants to hear my thoughts, my insights into what I believe life really means. The water sounds like it is flowing to the rhythm of my pen inscribing my words to the page.The rain is falling in soft light drizzles
,like the leaves slowly descending from the trees in the autumn.
Distractions, affections , greed, is that what life really boils down to for most of us nowadays. The distraction of television , internet, alcohol, drugs. Young ones
admiring their favourite tv or pop star wanting to live like like them , trying to be like them. Greed, poor people want to get rich that's fair, millionaires wnt billions and billionaires want the world to fall to their feet.
Men and women get bored with 1 or 2 partners so some drop it like it's hot for dozens in search of that one special one, sounds like a bad gamble to me.
Why are some of us never content with our lives, should we be less happy than bill gates because we don't have billions like he does? No we shouldn't because we each have wealth in someway in our lives and each some reason to smile. Whether it is wealth of money , health, love, knowledge , or skills.
We all have one thing however small it may seem that someone else envies because they don't have it. So be happy for what you have and go out and get whatever you feel you are missing to be happy.
The wind swooshing through the trees is such a beautiful sound, one that can't be duplicated in a music studio. Such a calming sound, makes me feel so privileged to have my hearing to hear natures calls. To hear the melodic sounds of everyday sounds like birds, bees , winds , things most find anoying yet some out there wish they could hear these sounds but can't as they are deaf.
This is a gift of nature and all it requires is respect in return. Walking is yet another magnificent gift yet the majority of us don't use it enough because it is too tiring, too boring, too out dated. To truly experience what life has to offer to feel it , admire it go out on foot when you can to see life in its full scale. You can't get that feeling under your feet , the smells in your nostrils , the wind in your hair, the sun in your eyes, the rain on your head unless you go out now and experience it for yourself.
This experience can't be felt from sitting watching a marathon of your facvourite boxset or ripping it up in the gym. Walking allows you to clear your thoughts and organise your mind. Use this gift of walking as long as you can before it is too late and all you have is regrets.
Tick-Tock , time is going , never stopping, like the heart in your body pumping blood through your body. Would we waste precious blood ? No, so why would we waste time when we know one day we don't get to hear that precious ticking sound. The heart eventually stops but time goes on just not for us. Use this time wisely experiencing all life has to offer.Write, run, swim, walk, teach,learn, deal, whatever it is that when your time runs out
you can say you used the time the best you could to make memories and yourself happy.

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